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High school teacher cannot resign due to …bureaucracy

That’s the typical Greek bureaucracy that drives crazy each one of us. A high school teacher decided to resign from the school he had a full time job and start his own business. However his resignation was rejected because it was submitted … late.

Alexis Christodoulou, 36, science teacher has a full-time job at 3rd High School of  Kalamata in Messinia. He has been a public school teacher since nine years.

In August 2012 he submitted his resignation, as he had decided to open his own start-up, an innovative mobile phone application through which travelers can buy information from the city’s residents they are about to visit .

Christodoulou’s resignation was rejected on the grounds that it submitted late. The teacher stopped going to work in order to enforce his dismissal. This was supposed to happen after 21 days of unexcused absence. But this did not happen either.

He continued to stay at home  – or do his new business -, while his salary kept coming. The man did not spend the money, for the case the state would demand it back.

In March 2013 his resignation was accepted. However a month later, he was told his resignation was not accepted. Some Greek ‘technocrat” had decided to have him dismissed from his duty in the context of the general lay-offs of 2,000 civil servants to start this month after the Troika’s demands. Then, the teacher’s dismissal would save the work place for another civil servant.

“They drive me crazy,” Christodoulou told a news portal.

PS Of course, his resignation in August was late because the school program was ready. But yet, he would be been dismissed for staying out of school for no reason.



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  1. What ever happened to the monthly payments that kept coming to the unexcused absentee? I am sure they were returned with some interest added on them, per Katastroika instructions (3rd MOU, Chapter # 3).