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Greece in disagreement with EU over subsidized program for jobless?

Things are confusing and do not look good. Some Greek media reported on Friday, that the European Commission rejected the plan of Greek Labour Ministry to finance temporary work places for 400,000 families that have no employee. The program worked out by the Labour Ministry was to subsidize temporary work places in so “community service.”

The program was to be funded with European Union Regional Social  Funds (ESPA).

According to daily Kathimerini, EU signaled to Labour Minister Yiannis Vroutsis that funding this program through ESPA funds was not possible, as the EU Social Fund does not fund … charitable activities. Should Greece proceed with the program, the EU would even demand back the money.

Greek Labour Ministry issued a statement and dismissed the media report, saying that the program was in “full harmonization with the eligibility rules set by the European Commission.

I do not know if all these is true, but should the program be implemented the lucky ones will earn

490 euro per month (workers above 29 years old)

427 euro per month (workers under 25 years old)

This action is aimed at families without breadwinners and for community service with coverage of insurance contributions.

Τhe program was approved by the Troika in March.

With more than 1.3 million jobless, general unemployment has reached 27% and youth unemployment 64% in 2013. The region of Western Macedonia has broke all EU and EUROSTAT youth unemployment records with unprecedented 72% for those between 15-24 years old.

PS I guess, those between 26-28 years old will earn either 450 euro or nothing… Considering the salaries to be paid are equivalent to net minimum wage, there is high possibility that the money the people will earn would be just enough to pay taxes, rent and electricity bill – oh and food for the maximum 5 months of work.

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