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Solar superstorm to hit Greece on May 28/2013?

I have been reading on Greek internet that a strong solar storm is expected to hit Greece today, May 28th 2013. A once in lifetime event occurring today. Why only Greece and not the rest of the world? I can’t really tell you. Neither can’t I tell you exactly, how this news started to circulate as there is no clear source reference. I think it was a Greek scientist who brought out the news.

It looks as if there was a solar explosion on May 22nd, and we will he hit by the fallout today.

Internet international is full of the possible effects of a strong solar storm: communication disturbances, distorted television screen, problems on internet and electricity. Humans can be affected as well and suffer from headache, dizziness, insomnia or lowering of blood pressure.

I looks as if there has been a warning issued by the NASA that expects several solar storms in 2013. Ten days ago, NASA reported already about Three X-class Flares in 24 hours.

But why specifically Greece? My short internet surfing brought no convincing results. Maybe the outer space forces think Greeks were not been sprayed enough and might have a natural protection against chem-trails?…

True or not, possibility is high you know today the source for your headache, electricity outage or broken internet. It’s not the tax return, the unpaid electricity bill or the lagging internet provider. It’s the solar storm.

Video: all information explained here

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As for me, I had to double check the news by reading my horoscope:

“You’re getting support for and confidence from one aspect of your life and physical energy from another. Even though the two areas may be in a point of conflict, you have the ability to take the positive aspects from each and fuse them together to create something new or solve a problem. Pool your resources and shift into high gear. The sky’s the limit.”
WOW! I’m impressed. But Hey! That’s the horoscope for May 29th. You see? My communication skills and internet connection have already been affected by the evil and powerful solar storm known also as geomagnetic storm.

PS I feel already dizzy somehow…

KTG would appreciate feedback on “How did I survive the powerful solar storm” 🙂

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  1. Don’t worry, you will be taxed for this storm. Survivors will be taxed extra. Deadline for filing tax forms without extra penalty is June 1, 2013. Tax forms will be available in late August. Have a nice day.