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Ilia: Lack of printer ink deprives Greeks from medicine

Residents of Tragano in Ilia, southern Peloponnese, were badly surprised to find out the Regional Medical Center was closed due to lack of printer ink. Locals in need of medicine were confronted with a closed door and a notice saying:

tragano ilia

“The center will be closed on Monday , June 3/2013 due to lack of ink for printer. The hospital of Pyrgos does not supply the Center with ink.”

The Regional Medical Center is open once per week, only on Mondays.

Unfortunately the recent introduction of the fully electronic system of prescription medicine did not foresee lack of printer ink. Neither some failures in the operational system that is often blocked forcing patients to visit the doctor’s office more than once.

But we are in Greece’s of IMF austerity program, aren’t we?


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