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News blackout: Greek media on strike until June 17/2013 in solidarity with ERT

Greek media will continue strike in solidarity with their colleagues at public broadcaster ERT. Journalists at radio, television, newspapers and electronic media would be allowed to report only about topics related with the shutdown of ERT.

On Tuesday, June 11th, prime minister Antonis Samaras ordered the closure of  Greece’s public broadcaster and the immediate lay-off of 2,656 employees. The closure was announced in the afternoon and it was implemented before midnight. A new, restructured ERT is to be established but is not known when. During this process that may need several weeks or several months to complete, the screens of 5 ERT channels, the Greek Parliament Channel but also BBC, Deutsche Welle and French TV 5  remain blackened.

The worldwide-unprecedented decision caused a national  outrage: the fired personnel occupied the ERT headquarters in Athens and started broadcast on 24-hour basis. Media unions immediately launched rolling 24-hour strikes, demanding from Samaras to reverse the decision.

Thousands of people flock daily to ERT to express solidarity and protest the authoritarian decision -allegedly to crack corruption in a public institution.

The  shutdown caused also a crisis among coalition government partners, as PASOK and Democratic Left do not agree with Samaras on the 75-year-old ERT closure.

PS in a way,  Greeks are relieved  to take a breath from the non-stop mainstream media bombardment with austerity measures, taxes, levies, and scaring and confusing government statements.






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  1. Hmmm maybe journalists will finally become incensed enough to bring out all the dirty laundery and become instrumental enough to bring down all the governments and be for the people instead of against them…

    • It would indeed be great if they finally start to bring out dirty laundry WITH the names now they are sacked by their (paying) masters. Those embedded political ‘journalists’ were only spitting out propaganda for those parties they were embedded with.