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Suicides continue in recession- & unemployment-hit Greece

Sometimes they occur every day. Or ever second. Or once a week. Sometimes, it’s two a single day. Suicides. Greek men and women who decide to put an end to their life. And leave behind children, spouses, parents. Desperate human beings. Cracked spines under the heavy height of economic crisis, unemployment, loans.

A television and theater director hanged himself on Monday morning. He was not able to secure any contract during the last few years. He was 55 years old.

A woman, 39, mother of two, hanged herself on Sunday morning.

Another woman, 44, took pills on Sunday evening. She was rescued at the last moment.

A businessman here. A desperate there. Across the country. Whether in the South, the North or in Central Greece. People who can’t stand anymore the Greek reality.

People without name. The news of their death captures only a few lines on the newspapers or internet. Never on television though…

No even when a man leaves a heartbreaking note behind. Like the 41-year-old who jumped from the roof of his home three weeks ago.

“I hope my blood will turn into river and drown all of those who brought the Greek people to such a situation,” he wrote.

Suicides in Greece dramatically increased since the country sought the aid of international lenders IMF, EU and ECB.

It’s the poor devils who pay the price for the recession and the international loans. It’s the poor devils who get no loans by the banks and are called in to pay every tax increase and every allowance, benefits or health care cuts. What chance do these people have to get along without income?  A meal from the soup kitchen, a bag of clothes and some groceries from the charity cannot restore the deeply hurt dignity, I suppose.

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