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Famous Greek designer Michalis Aslanis found dead; suicide speculation

One of Greece’s most beloved fashion designers Michalis Aslanis is dead. He was found in his apartment in Kolonaki in Athens on Wednesday noon by one of his assistants.  Greek media speculate that Michalis Aslanis had committed suicide due to economic problems. An autopsy will determine the exact cause of his death. He was 65 years old.

According to Proto Thema next to his body, several empty packages of prescription pills were found but also four handwritten pages where Aslanis explained in Greek and in French the reason for his suicide.

He was last seen last Sunday. First media reports claim, he was dead for some 10 hours.

In recent interviews, Aslanis had admitted he was facing severe economic problems and that he had fallen victim of fraud by two former aides.

Reports said prescription pills were found at his home, but it is unclear if his death was a suicide or accidental.

According to media reports, Aslanis faced serious economic problems. In a recent interview, the designer claimed to have fallen victim of fraud by two of his close aides.

Aslanis graduated from Bakalo School of Design in Athens where he mastered in decoration, graphic arts, history of art and theatre. He began a professional career in fashion in 1974. His work was showcased at numerous shows at home and abroad. (ekathimerini)

In 2010 Aslanis had relocated his atelier from famous Kolonaki in central Athens to a less famous area. He had also relocated his fashion line production to Brazil. But he never managed to get out of the crisis.

Greek media report that Aslanis had recently told local media that he was in big troubles and that he was even fearing for his life. His aides had allegedly managed his finances and had kept for themselves the money they were supposed to pay to tax office and pension funds for his employees. ” I was surprised to find out that I had huge debt although I was paying…,” Aslanis told Espresso newspaper.

Michalis Aslanis was very popular in the Greek fashion design world but also among common people due to his many television appearances.

He was a kind and certainly very creative man. With humor. And with something that seemed to be a natural-born politeness.

He was prearing a fashion show scheduled for October 18th in order to celebrate 40 years of his presence in the fashion design.

Rest In Peace, Michalis.



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