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Philip Morris to turn town of Agrinio into Europe’s tobacco warehouse

Big investment on the way. Greece will turn into tobacco warehouse for the whole of Europe. Philip Morris has plans to build a new central warehouse in Agrinio, a town in western Greece and supply with tobacco all smokers within the European boundaries.

“Philip Morris plans to take 50 percent of the Greek tobacco production in the next three years and needs a warehouse, officials said.

The tobacco will be then be distributed throughout Europe with containers, either through Piraeus Port, or by road through Italy. It is estimated that some 2,500 containers, that is 15,000 tons of tobacco, will be traded per year.

The decision makes Agrinio the tobacco company’s main logistics center, giving new life to the old tobacco warehouses of Papastratos company and offering new jobs in the region and in the wider field of transports and logistics.” (full article GreekReporter)

PS I used to smoke Philip Morris till I found out it is not competitive enough with my personal budget. I’ll keep smoking another brand even if I put in danger thousands of jobs. Sorry, guys 🙂

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