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4:10 Greeks cannot pay property taxes yet FinMin collects 3 property taxes in 8 weeks

Four our of ten Greeks fear they won’t be able to pay their regular and emergency property taxes. At the same time almost half of  Greeks believe that it was better to rent a home than to own one. These were the results of a public opinion survey conducted by research company Marc among 800 households in Attica prefecture from 18-24 September 2013.

In particular:

To the question “do you believe you would be able to pay property taxes?”

25.1% of the respondent said “No” and 20.3% said “Rather Not”

18.9% said “Yes” and 35.7% “Rather Yes”.

56% believe it is better to rent than to own an home, while 32.3% believe it pays out to own a home.
Significant is the number of respondents anxious that they won’t be able to pay back their mortgage loan.
To the question ” do you believe that you can repay your mortgage loan in the future?”
   10% answered “No” and  27.4%  “Probably Not”
   29.8% answered “Yes” and 32.7% “Probably Yes’

12.3% of respondents said that “they had arrears with respect to mortgage loan repayment”

19.9% ​​said that they pay the installments with some delay

67.8% responding “always on time” (source: via neftemporiki & ANA)

Nevertheless, the Finance Ministry seems unimpressed by the survey results and the economic crunch. After it forwarded to property owners the regular property tax (FAP) for the years 2011 and 2012 in August, a month later the Finance Ministry sent them the FAP for 2013 to be paid until end of October.

Next to the installment for the “Emergency Property Tax 2013” and the regular income taxes.

I heard a couple of days ago on TV that state revenues from property taxes were 500 million euro in 2005. In 2013 the revenues are estimated 2.5 billion euro for 2013.


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