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Cretans fundraise food & clothes for Greek FinMin’s mom…

An aid parcel with food and clothes for the mother of Greek Finance Minister Yiannis Stournaras. A woman who apparently “lives in poverty with €500 pension per month” as her famous son recently claimed on Greek television. Touched by the poverty of the minister’s mother, some residents of Heraklio, Crete, decided to launch a fundraising, express solidarity and support and send a charity package with food and clothes to the needy woman.

It was last week, when Yiannis Stournaras was invited to a TV talk show with an audience allowed to ask questions. When a woman mentioned the high taxation and her grim economic problems, Stournaras was quick to demonstrate that he knew very well about the consequences of the crisis and the problems of the Greek society.

“There are people in my family who live with very little money. My mother, my father-in-law, my mother-in-law… I know very well what it means to live on 500 euro per month,” Stournaras said.


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Local portal candianews.gr that reported about the Cretan solidarity initiative (lawyers, vendors and other professional groups), notes that the locals want the widest possible participation from the people.

Speaking to Radio Kriti, the initiators said that they have already collected rice and pasta, while somebody donated a used winter coat. They plan to send the parcel to Stournaras on Friday and add a letter where they will describe their own difficulties with the taxes and other economic burdens.

If Stournaras, who has a monthly salary and owes a summer villa worth some juicy thousands euro, and his wife owes a PR company cannot support their parents, what should the long-term jobless do with their own low-pensioner parents and parents-in-law?

PS Stournaras’ “plight” reminds me of the general secretary of revenues Charis Theocharis who has recently claimed, he had no money to pay the emergency property tax.

Golden Boys with Fake Solidarity Plights. HA!

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