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Fugitive November-17 terrorist Chr. Xiros threatens to take up the arms

Fugitive Chrstodoulos Xiros, a convicted gunman of urban guerrilla “17 November”, has threatened the Greek government with armed action for running the country with austerity measures. In a video uploaded on internet, Christodoulos Xiros said among others: “I’ve decided to fire the guerrilla shotgun against those who stole our lives and sold our dreams for profit.”

Christodoulos Xiros, 55, was  serving six consecutive life sentences plus an additional 25 years for his involvement in six murders, bombings and robberies, and was given permission (the seventh) to leave the Korydallos prison in Athens on New Year’s day. He was due to return to jail on January 7th but never did so.

Explaining the reason for running away, Xiros said: “I could not rest on the laurels of my previous action and repeat the slogan ‘someone should finally do something’. I did not.

My choice to violate my licence has destroyed first of my own ‘path’. But what perspective can one have when he sees society collapse, the country being destroyed and the people being led into enslavement?”

In his video Xiros criticizes the media, the judiciary, the police and the extreme right-wing Golden Dawn party, and invites Greece’s security forces to join with him.

He also condemns the two coalition government parties, conservative New Democracy and socialist PASOK, accusing them of treason and stating that the “price of their treason is death”.

He vowed never to be taken alive but “will fight to the bitter end”.

The statement, published on the Athens Indymedia website and dated January 14, is accompanied by a video and photograph of Xiros, against a brackdrop containing the images of Cuban revolutionary Che Guevara, Greek war of independence fighters Georgios Karaiskakis and Theodoros Kolokotronis, and chief instigator of the major resistance organization ELAS during WWII Aris Velouchiotis.

“We will not be fooled any more. Nothing will save you, nor the Dachau that you are planning, nor armies of mercenaries. Whatever you do, very soon the river of rage will swell and will drown you!”he said speaking about “scums” destroying the “people”.

Quoting a verse from the song “Karaiskakis” by Vasilis Papakonstantinou, Xiros adds: “When I return, I’ll fuck you.”

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According to media, Xiros message contains two letters, one written on Dec 30, 2013 and one on Jan 14, 2013. He signs them a “free member of 17 November”.

Greek anti-terror police tries to identify from which IP the video was sent to the website and who had helped Xiros film the video. According to some media, the video must have been filmed in the house where Xiros has found a shelter right after he run away, most probably in Athens.


Minister for Public Order: I don’t comment on Xiros’ thoughts

Justice Minister: High security prisons for the enemies of democracy

PASOK: We don’t converse with murderers

SYRIZA: Christodoulos Xiros doesn’t believe in democracy

Xiros disappearing on January 5th, triggered a huge debate in Greece as to why the judicial system allowed terrorist to go on furlough. Proposal for high security prisons were tabled although Xiros did not escape from the prison. His whereabouts were puzzling the police and the media as well as the question whether he would reassume his armed struggle. Now the answer was given by the fugitive himself.

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