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Big counter-terror operation against “Revolutionary Self-Defense” in Athens

In a big counter-terror operation against the organization “Revolutionary Self-Defense” police raided several houses in Athens, arrested two men and one woman and discovered an arsenal of weapons, Greek Police announced on Saturday. In the operation that started on Friday, 13 homes have been reportedly raided and 15 people questioned …

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Greek Police, Europol dismantle gang involved in illegal adoptions, human egg trafficking

Greek Police has dismantled an organized crime group involved in trafficking of human eggs and illegal adoptions. The gang had its headquarters in Thessaloniki, Northern Greece. Investigation led to the arrest of 12 people and the identification of 10 more members of the criminal organization. In total, the case involved …

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Preveza: 350 dogs in municipality shelter at risk of starvation

350 dogs at the municipality shelter of Preveza are at risk of starvation, local animal welfare organizations have denounced. “The dog food has not be supplied in time, the dogs are at risk to starve, volunteers have nothing to feed the dogs with,” local organization “Intervention for the animals – …

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US Ambassador Pyatt: Koufodinas’ furlough dishonors the victims’ memory

US Ambassador to Athens Geoffrey Pyatt and UK’s Ambassador Kate SMith joined their voices and conveyed their disapproval of the Prison Council decision to grant a 48-hour furlough to convicted 17 November terrorist Dimitris Koufodinas. Pyatt posted on Twitter also a The U.S. ambassador to Greece on Koufodinas’ furlough [17N …

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Greek conspiracy theories: 17 November convict Giotopoulos claims Xiros’ escape “part of overall plan”

Some conspiracy theories are reviving in Greece on the occasion of the escape of convicted member of “17 November” Chistodoulos Xiros. Another member of “17 November”, Alexandros Giotopoulos, convicted as  the ideological mastermind of the organization, sent a letter dated January 20th 2013 to daily Eleftherotypia, raising questions about the …

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Fugitive November-17 terrorist Chr. Xiros threatens to take up the arms

Fugitive Chrstodoulos Xiros, a convicted gunman of urban guerrilla “17 November”, has threatened the Greek government with armed action for running the country with austerity measures. In a video uploaded on internet, Christodoulos Xiros said among others: “I’ve decided to fire the guerrilla shotgun against those who stole our lives …

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