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Greek conspiracy theories: 17 November convict Giotopoulos claims Xiros’ escape “part of overall plan”

Some conspiracy theories are reviving in Greece on the occasion of the escape of convicted member of “17 November” Chistodoulos Xiros. Another member of “17 November”, Alexandros Giotopoulos, convicted as  the ideological mastermind of the organization, sent a letter dated January 20th 2013 to daily Eleftherotypia, raising questions about the circumstances that allowed Christodoulos Xiros to escape and accusing Greek authorities for letting it happen.

Alexandros Giotopoulos claims that Xiros’ escape was art of an overall plan to to cut however argues that the escape Dry is part of an overall plan to cut leave permits for prisoners during the EU presidency.

“So, all those guys in the counterterrorism unit, EYP [National Intelligence Service], the government and the CIA didn’t know that Christodoulos had taken six licenses [for leave] in 18 months? What did they do to prevent his disappearance? Nothing.”

Giotopoulos also questions why Xiros received prison leave, even after setting fire to his cell in 2011. Following that, he received permission to visit in their prison wards members of the guerrilla group Fire Cells Conspiracy (SFP) group.

“Who gave the order? Certainly not not director or a senior warden. They have no such power nor would they assume such responsibility. The order came from above. From the counterterrorism unit, EYP and, thus, from the government that supervises them.” .

“So let’s not try to blame the guards who were simply executing orders. Those responsible are the ministers who are now howling and screaming with hypocrisy, while the situation suits them. They’ve stopped issuing permits during the short time of the [Greece’s European Council] presidency and are preparing to effectively abolish them afterwards.”

Giotopoulos claimed further that while another member of “17 November was on leave counterterrorism units were monitoring the residence where Vasilis Tzortzatos was staying.

In a video uploaded on Monday on a Greek website, Xiros lashed out against the government, the justice, the media and the loan agreement and threatened to take up again the armed struggle.

Giotopoulos is serving 17 life terms plus 25 years for masterminding 17 murders, bombings, robberies and other criminal acts.

Giotopoulos letter in Greek here.


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