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Last owner of daily ‘Eleftherotypia’ dies at 60 awaiting liver transplant

The last owner of progressive Greek daily Elefterotypia, Mania Tegopoulou died at the age of 60 on Tuesday. She has been hospitalized in a private hospital awaiting for liver transplant. She was reportedly suffering from cirrhosis of the liver. Tegopoulou was the owner of Eleftehrotypia after the death of her …

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Lock-out for 140 unpaid journos & staff of daily “Eleftherotypia” after strike

Who could ever think that Greece would lead in imposing measures that are normally known as neo-loberal? In times when the International Monetary Fund and the other kids of the Troika block want the lockout as austerity measure to tackle “unemployment” (lol), a private businessman imposed it in real Greek …

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Greek conspiracy theories: 17 November convict Giotopoulos claims Xiros’ escape “part of overall plan”

Some conspiracy theories are reviving in Greece on the occasion of the escape of convicted member of “17 November” Chistodoulos Xiros. Another member of “17 November”, Alexandros Giotopoulos, convicted as  the ideological mastermind of the organization, sent a letter dated January 20th 2013 to daily Eleftherotypia, raising questions about the …

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