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Golden Dawn MP fined €1,500 or insulting the parliament

Golden Dawn MP Eleni Zaroulia was fined with 1,500 euro for saying “punks” addressing the Minister of Justice and the lawmakers in the Greek Parliament. Acting parliament speaker Charalambos Markogiannakis, fined Zaroulia for “behavior violating the Parliament statute”. It is the first time that such a disciplinary measure is being applied.The fine will be subtracted from Zaroulia’s MP salary.

Eleni Zaroulias is the wife of GD party leader Nikos Michaloliakos, who was remanded custody last November who allegedly forming a criminal organization.

The incident occurred during a parliamentary debate on the issue of giving permits to prisoners that led convicted member of 17 November Christodoulos Xiros to escape.

Earlier GD MP Ilias Kasidiaris had called the Minister of Justice and all government ministers “stupid” and “silly”.

ANT1 TV reported that lawmakers from other parties approved Markogiannakis’ decision as it is not the first time that Golden Dawn MPs used offensive expressions against lawmakers and the government during parliamentary sessions.

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