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Kefalonia: more than 1,000 aftershocks >2R as number of homeless increases

An aftershock measuring 4.2R rocked the island of Kefalonia on Tuesday evening as thousands of residents were preparing to spend the night in tents, cars and buses. According to Greek media, 5,000 people are estimated to have to spend the days and nights away from homes as they were damaged from the two powerful earthquakes hit the island on January 26th with 6R and February 3rd with 5.7R.

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Residents whose homes have been declared ‘unfit for accommodation’ by inspecting engineers have sought provisional shelter in ferries and tents set up by the Greek army.

Residents complain about the tents being set on grass that has absorbed the rain water of the recent days.

Complains are heard about the humidity, the cold and the uncomfortable sunbeds. A tent can house up to eight people.

The earthquake-ridden and homeless residents demand housing containers, instead.

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Shaken by continuous aftershocks and out of fear of a possible new earthquake, many spend the nights in private vehicles and public buses,  awaiting for the state mechanism to solve their accommodation problems.

Almost half of the houses and buildings in epicenter area Lixouri are reportedly considered to need repairs. As seismologists still puzzle about the two powerful tremors, authorities warn the residents to avoid returning in their homes until all inspections have been concluded.

Since the first earthquake on January 26th, seismologic institutes have recorded more than 1,000 aftershocks greater than 2R and thousands less than 2R.

Priority of the state mechanism is to repair the infrastructure on the island.

According to reports, commerce in Lixouri has been paralyzed with many shops and products to have suffered immense damages.

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