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3 people injured after Greek Coast Guard fires warning shots at boat with illegal migrants

Three undocumented migrants are currently undergoing treatment in Skylitsio hospital on the island of Chios, after suffering injuries when Greek Coast Guard fired warning shots at a boat carrying illegal migrants to Greece. According to local media, the injured are a woman at her 20’s, a middle-aged man and a young man around his 30’s.

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The incident reportedly took place around 10:30 on Thursday morning in the sea area off  the island of Oinousses, North-East of Chios, when the boat carrying illegal migrants tried to near the island coming from the Turkish coast.

The boat was located by a Greek Coast Guard patrol that tried to stop it.

According to a press release issued by the Greek Coast Guard:

“The boat not only did not reduce the speed but it performed dangerous maneuvers trying to ram the patrol boat.”

Warning shots were fired in order to immobilize the migrants’ boat, some shots were shot to the bow section of the vessel, thereby injuring three people who were in the cabin together with another 10 migrants.

Το σκάφος του Λιμενικού με εμφανή τα σημάδια από τη συμπλοκή

It looks as if only four passengers were visible from the patrol boat, according to Coast Guard statement.

The coast guards managed to raid the boat, detain the Turkish captain and bring the injured to safety.

An investigation by coast guard and civilian authorities has been launched.

According to  Greek media, there is a claim that the coast guard fired shots at the migrants’ boat after the Turkish captain had opened fire against the patrol boat.

Video: migrants get first aid

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The injured migrants are not in life threatening condition. The 13 passengers were alegedly Syrian refugees.




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