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PASOK leader threatens to quit coalition gov’t if it gets below 10% in EU elections

Blackmailing Greek voters with real or fictitious dilemmas developed in a common politicians’ after the country sought the aid of IMF in 2010. Now Greek politicians cannot threaten voters with “Either Euro or economic Armageddon” anymore. The Armageddon is here with many thousands households sinking in debts and unpaid bills. Therefore, a new ‘dilemma’ needed to be invented. And here it is: the political stability.

Three weeks before the EU election, PASOK leader Evangelos Venizelos threatened to quit the Greek coalition government, should voters give less than 10% to ELIA, the PASOK formation for the European Parliament.

Speaking to private Mega TV on Monday, Venizelos directly connected the EU elections results with  political stability in Greece. Under the pressure of public opinion polls showing an upcoming political collapse for the party that ruled Greece for three decades, Venizelos put it very clear:

“If this would be indeed the choice of the Greek people, then the country will be lead to an impasse,” he said stressing that “the country will be destroyed politically.”

PASOK leader Venizelos is right to be anxious abou tthe fate of ELIA and the coalition government.

In June 2012 parliamentary elections, PASOk received 12.2%. In public opinion polls concerning the upcoming EU elections, ELIA gets in the average something between 4.2% -4.5%.

Elections June 2012:  the percentage of coalition government parties was

29.6% for Nea Dimocratia and 12.2% for PASOK, i.e. a total of 41.8% of the electorate

Latest Public opinion poll May 2014:

Nea Dimokratia 20.6% and PASOK 4.2% i.e. a real weak result for a government and its legitimation.

Of course, an average of  17% of public opinion polls respondents say they were undecided about what they would vote. But would they favor PASOK and/or Nea Dimocratia when the time comes on May 25th?

Venizelos’ threats left potential voters in a state of total indifference, as their daily dilemma is “food or pay bills” and tiny little things like that.

But PASOK officials got alarmed wondering about their fate in a party outside the walls of power.

There are currently two scenarios circulating about what Venizelos would do should Elia receive less than 10%:

a) PASOK would withdraw only its ministers from the coalition government

b) Snap polls.

Nobody speaks about the challenges for Venizelos within the party and the option of a new leader. Maybe nobody cares about it, apart from the party officials who spent most of their professional lives as “being a politician” and found themselves without a job at the age of 50+.

PS I would add a c) scenario “change the austerity policies” – but ops! that’s for the sole purpose of saving the country 🙂


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  1. Hmm, not to worry. My guess is that “the stability” (ie Austerity, same as before but getting worse) will be provided by all the nice doctors in To Potami (11%) which will replace PASOK in the coalition.

    Maybe someone should write a piece on the Stability!
    And WHY the coalition government think it’s so much better than Change!