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Athens: Bullets found in PASOK Headquarters

A cartridge from an automatic weapon and two slugs were found on Sunday in the headquarters of Greece’s coalition government party PASOK in Charilaou Trikoupu Street in downtown Athens. According to Greek media, PASOK employees found a hole caused by a bullet in the wall of the office of party official Christsos Protopapas. The first bullet broke a glass window at the second floor, pierced the wall and wedged in the wall of Protopapas’ office; the second bullet pierced the ceiling of third floor,” reports. Citing police sources, the website notes that  according to preliminary reports, the shots were fired on Saturday night.

Anti-terror police units investigate the issue.

PASOK said in a statement that an “assault with a firearm targeting the second and third floor took place in the after midnight hours. This serious incident is being investigated by the police authorities and counter-terrorism agency.

PASOK is not afraid and is not terrorized,” the statement said “categorically condemning every criminal act of terrorism,” and asking “political parties to condemn it as well.”

PASOK leader Evangelos Venizelos described as “unprecedented” to have a “terrorist attack on voting Sunday.”

Government spokesman Simos Kedikoglou and Democratic Left condemned the incident.

“Didn’t anyone notice?” state TV NERIT news presenter asked the reporter, but there was no answer.

This Sunday Greeks flock to ballot boxes to vote for the European Parliament elections and the second round of municipality and regional elections.

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