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Stournaras refutes Stournaras: he wants to stay in FinMin despite ND criticism on EP elections results

“I am not going to turn into a punching bag,” Greek Finance Minister Yiannis Stournaras had let his critics know through his close aides. “I do not wish to stay in the ministry under these circumstances,” Stournaras had felt the need to reply to criticism coming from Nea Dimokratia that apparently put the blame on him for the low-flight rates Samaras’ party received at the European Parliament elections last Sunday.

Citing “sources from Stournaras’ office” Greek media reported on Tuesday of the big disturbance of Stournaras ,who apparently describes the criticism as “unfair”.

His close aides had told the media that “Stournaras spent Sunday night on the phone assuring foreign investors that the victory of SYRIZA would not derail the country’s economy.”

Stournaras allegedly told media that “he would not allow anyone to question his work” and that after all “he was asked by three parties [ND, PASOK, Democratic Left] to claim this job and carry out this policy and that he cannot be blamed for having the whole of the responsibility.”

Stournaras refutes Stournaras

But Prime Minister Antonis Samaras allegedly did not like Stournaras’ leakage to the press and his intention to leave the Finance Ministry ahead the Troika inspection and the upcoming release of two bailout tranches – one-billion euro each –  in June and July.

Therefore, “new” close aides of the FinMin turned anew to the media and downgraded the previous disturbance of Stournaras’  who allegedly said “there is always criticism but sometimes it is unfair.”

Yiannis Stournaras was a close aid of ex PASOK Prime Minister Kostas Simitis.

Since he assumed office in June 2012, Stournaras has been following letter by letter and full- stop by comma all the demands for the Troika.

Recent rumors in the media have been claiming that  Stournaras could replace Bank of Greece governor in June, could be named Greece’s Commissioner to EU and other nice posts like that.

On the other hand, right after the Sunday elections, PM Samaras let the public know of an upcoming thorough government reshuffle in the name of “boosting the development and the economic recovery.”

Therefore, now it seems it’s time that his political enemies start to degrade him.

He is right that he is not solely to blame for the over taxation of impoverished households, the increase of suicide rates, the cuts in pensions and wages, the high unemployment, the freezing families in winter due to heating oil tax.

But  Yiannis Stournaras was and is the loyal servant and the Yes-Man of the austerity policies of the Troika and the ND-PASOK coalition government.

Now it’s the time that his political enemies to degrade him. 

If he is not to blame for the low rates of ND, at least he could take responsibility for the low rates of PASOK .






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