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Golden Dawn leader claims, he had contacts with PM’s aide and two ND ministers

A new Baltakos-gate is under way? Golden Dawn leader Nikos Michaloliakos claimed that he had private contacts to the director of the press officer of Prime Minister Antonis Samaras and also two of Nea Dimokratia ministers. Speaking at the Greek Parliament, Michaloliakos said:


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“Whenever he wanted to tell me something, Takis Baltakos would ask me to meet on the balcony as he was afraid of bugs and cameras…. However it wasn’t just Baltakos. On the two mobile phones seized by the anti-terror police, there were the phone numbers and some phone calls. There was a name: Georgios Mouroutis, who also wanted contact. As well as two ministers of Nea Dimokratia in secret contacts aside from the Parliament office.  They were seeking affiliation with us.”

Mouroutis was quick to dismiss Michaloliakos’ claims. Speaking to Newsit.gr, Mouroutis said:

“I have never met or spoken with Michaloliakos or any other members of the Golden Dawn. I dismiss his claims.” On his Facebook page, Mouroutis wrote “I have never met in my life neither Michaloliakos, nor any other officer or member of Golden Dawn, neither private or accidentally. Τhis is the greatest  squalor I’ve ever heard of.”

Michaloliakos and GD MPs Pappas and Lagos were transferred from the prison where they are in custody to the Parliament on Wednesday to defend themselves on the issue of lifting their immunity and open the way fro trail facing charges of establishing a criminal organization. The three arrived with three different vehicles under draconian security measures.

However it wasn’t only Michaloliakos who stirred Nea Dimokratia. During his defense,  GD MP Christos Pappas referred to an alleged talk he once held with Health Minister Adonis Georgiadis.

“Georgiadis once told me, he’d rather see his son becoming a Golden Dawner instead of a Syriza supporter or a communist,” Pappas claimed addressing the Parliament and continued saying that Georgiadis had told him “We should talk to each other, you seem to be logical.

The angry health Minister shouted at Pappas “Shame on you!” and he replied “Shame on you!”

Michaloliakos claimed that “Golden Dawn was a victim of political conspiracy” and accussed the government for not having investigated the Baltakos issue. Last April, GD MP Ilias Kassidiaris had given to public video footage showing him in friendly chat with Takis Baltakos, general secretary of the cabinet. Samaras had ordered his immediate removal form the office. A law forbade the further release of footage captured by hidden cameras.

The  GD MPs’ appearance in the Parliament was as “revealing” as expected.  Since releasing of videos is forbidden, they found a way to throw mud to Nea Dimokratia, whether true or not.


Carrying Greek flags and chanting slogans, a group of some 300 GD supporters had gathered outside the Parliament to hail the arrival of the party leader.


223 lawmakers out of 224 voted in favor of lifting the parliament immunity of Michaloliakos, Pappas and Lagos.

One MP voted “present”.



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