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LOL Ex-Minister complains about cuts in MPs’ salaries and allowances

Ex minister for Health and Nea Dimokratia MP Adonis Georgiadis complained about the cuts in MP’s pay and perks. “Greek MPs have suffered the biggest cuts in their salary and allowances than any other branch in the government,” he claimed adding “the salary cuts reached 60% and the parliamentary pensions went down 70%.”

Georgiadis was speaking to the Parliament when he said all these nice things that were heard by millions of Greeks whose wages and salaries cuts sent them to bite the cloth of hunger.

He also complained about the taxation of MPs’ salaries and office allowance and claimed that members of the Parliament suffered the biggest salary cuts than the citizens.

What he forgot to mention is that still MPs receive a monthly salary of €6,500, when the average salary in the private sector is hardly €1,000 gross independently of skills, PhDs and  years of working experience.

Of course, he also avoid to mention that an MP gets a pension after having being elected for two legislation periods (4×2= 8 years), while privater sector workers need to complete 35-40 years of work.

PS if we pay them to rule with such an austerity crap we’d rather them nothing… It’s waste of money, after all…

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