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Tourism Ministry releases “Gods, Myths, Heroes” Greece promotion campaign 2015 (video/English)

Tourism Ministry released the 2015  campaign video to promote Greece and attract millions of foreign tourists. Narrated by Don Morgan Nielsen, the 11-minute long video presents some of the most significant spots of  Greece. The “story about Greece with D. M. Nielsen” is the new National Tourist Organization (EOT) video production, presented November 3rd at the World Tourism Market 2014 by Tourism Minister Olga Kefalogianni. The video is thought to visualize all Greek hot spots and will be used for EOT’s communication for 2015.

It is a high quality, Hollywood-style production with beautiful photography that starts with an unexpected aerial shot of skyscrapers in … New York at night!

Video: Greek Tourism organization took down the original video clip, after journalists pointed out that it contained footage from the Nazi’s Olympic Games in 1936. See more in KTG here.

the new edited video clip

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The video has already received mixed comments and quite a number of internet users criticize the absence of originality, the unnecessary length, the old-fashioned – if not cliched – production style,  the lullaby music and the very talkative narration.

And you? What do you think about it?

Now “the usual mean Greeks” want to know how much money the Tourism Ministry spent for the production of such a high-quality and lengthy video …

BTW No, I cannot tell you who is Don Morgan Nielsen. I have no idea. Honestly.

PS OK! I felt zzzzzz after a minute… but I am not a foreign tourist 🙂


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  1. Not a patch on the wonderful travelogue produced for Crete last year – now that’s how to capture the foreign tourists!

  2. Of course, I don’t know the cost of this tourism video. Nor does it say how it will be used in marketing Greek travel. However, sometimes you have to spend money to make money. I enjoyed the video; it makes me want to return to Hellas. The photography is spectacular; the background music was average. As to the “production style”, more state of the art dissolves, wipes, etc., are expensive. I commend the Ministry of tourism in its’ attempt to encourage travel to Greece.

  3. Oh dear. It’s a lavish production and the images are spectacular, but the music is dire and the narration is painful. But for the glorious views of stunning Greece I would have fallen asleep. IMO this video is best shown with the sound turned off!

  4. they use shots from 12 apostles in Australia.