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Nothing but his mohawk hair… Naked protester joins students’ march in Athens

Peacefully marched protesting students through downtown Athens, when suddenly a protester of special kind joined the crowd. Tall, well-built, barefoot and naked. The man wore a red mohawk hairstyle and two necklaces. He carried a couple of magazines that he occasionally held in front of his hanging protest banner.

naked protester

picture by photographer @MakisSynonidos on Twitter

The man whose identity has not been revealed accompanied the students through Panepistimiou street in front of Athens University and shouted from time to time in English “fuck off, police!”


naked protester1

After a while he abandoned the rally and paid a short visit to Greece’s National Library located nearby, where he spent half an our inside the Library.

When the stunned personnel recovered from the shock, they called the police that rushed to take away the peace and education disturber.

naked protester2

The man was taken away in handcuffs, …in pants and shoes of another unknown owner…. the pants and the shoes, I mean, unless he had previously left them in a locker….

It is not the first time, that naked men appear amid protest rallies in Athens. Another naked man, most likely a foreigner started to run through the crowd and the riot police outside the Greek Parliament while German Chancellor Angela Merkel was visiting Athens in October 9th 2012.

Athens Merkel Naked protester

No! that’s a different body structure and butt 🙂

PS I am sure, both men are foreigners then no Greek would dare go naked on the streets on a shivering-cold November.

more pictures: newsit, protothema


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