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Nafplion residents protest PM Samaras declared “Honorary Citizen”

Residents of Nafplion were anything but happy to see Prime Minister Antonis Samaras been proclaimed “Honorary Citizen” of the picturesque small town that happens to be the the capital of was  of the First Hellenic Republic (1821-1834), but also the hometown of his wife, Georgia.

As the City Council has handing Samaras the Golden Key of the City of Napflion and F-16 were tearing the skies apart to mark the extraordinary event, young and old protesters had raised their hands up forming the famous but insulting Greek gesture of moutza* and booing the PM.


In the official statement of Nafplion City Council, the Prime Minister was proclaimed “Honorary Citizen” for the action he has taken

-for strengthening Nafplio’s position in national and international politics

-for his modest progress as human and politician

-for his tireless struggle for the promotion of the cultural heritage of Nafplio

–  for the sensitivity and the struggle he showed in helping Nafplio emerge to  a tourism and economic development center.
Obviously deeply touched by the gratitude of Nafpliotes, PM Samaras said that “the fate wanted” him “to become the country’s prime minister in the most difficult moments of recent decades, but these difficult times will not last longer.”
Strong police forces had prevent the usual mean Greeks to come close to the City Hall and the fatalist Prime Minister of Greece and had raised banners saying “The PM of Poverty and Αbsolutism” and “The unwanted PM” and were chanting “Take the mother-in-law and go!”
What had the PM’s mother-in-law to do with the Golden Key? According to locals, it was his mother-in-law who allegedly convinced the City Council for the necessity to proclaim the PM “honorary citizen of Nafplio.”
PS now some really mean Greeks claim that it was not necessary at all for F-16 to perform impressive but expensive flight shows just because the PM received the Golden Key. “Any Golden Key…” as they claim that a flight hour of an F-16 cost some 10,000 euro. Others criticize the PM for keeping secret all the achievements he has done for the historical city of Nafplio. *sigh*

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