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PM Samaras: “consensus on presidential vote, snap elections even end of 2015”

In a televised address to the nation Sunday noon, Greek Prime Minister Antonis Samaras drew the highlights of his political strategy just two day before the second round of voting for the country’s next President that is going to take place in the shadow of the MP-bribery-scandal.

“Consensus on the presidential vote, conclusion of the negotiations with the Troika, a broader governing coalition and snap elections even at the end of 2015,” Samaras said explaining how to end the current political crisis, apparently after agreement with his junior coalition partner PASOK.  The term of the current Greek government ends in June 2016.

“There should not be elections. We need to end the political uncertainty, ” Prime Minister Antonis Samaras started his address to the nation and continued:

“It is a national obligation, to elect the President of the Republic, to conclude the negotiation with the lenders and then after being steel-platted economically and politically, we can find a schedule for elections even at the end of 2015.
“The Greek people do not want early elections and they are right. [….]  We cannot finish a period of uncertainty and immediately enter the next one. The country’s problems can not stagnate in a permanent election campaign period.”
“After the presidential election, we can expand the government form with the participation of other persons who believe in the European perspective of the country, so that the next phase to find us more united,” PM Samaras said.
Attacking SYRIZA
At the same time, Antonis Samaras did not miss the chance to fiercely attack Alexis Tsipras, leader of left-wing SYRIZA, main opposition party in the Greek parliament.
Samaras accused Tsipras for being responsible of the plot on alleged attempted bribery of a Member of the Greek Parliament.
“This orgy of  unfounded and despicable accusations for alleged attempted buing MPs cannot continue. These accusations are never proven, but they have poisoned our Democracy. Unfortunately, protagonist of these accusations is the same leader of the main opposition party, his high-ranking officials and the leader of a third party [Panos Kammenos, chairman of Independent Greeks],” Antonis Samaras said.
Within minutes after Samaras’ address to the nation, SYRIZA officials reportedly told Mega TV said that it was clear that Samaras cannot get together the 180 votes needed for the third round of the presidential election and that snap polls were imminent.
How can the PM seek for consensus and at the same time fiercely attack the main opposition party? Unless he has in mind to broaden the government form with some – in fact: a lot – of the 24  independent MPs who could become ministers or something…
In the first round of voting last Wednesday, the coalition government managed to add just 5 more votes to the 155 Nea Dimokratia and PASOK have together.
In the first and second round, 200 votes are needed for the election of the Presidential candidate Stavros Dimas and only 180 in the third round of voting.
The second round is scheduled for December 23rd, the third round for December 29th.
Should the Parliament fail to elect the president, it dissolves and snap elections are being proclaimed. Most possible date for the snap polls is the 25. January 2015, but also the 1. February is not excluded.
PS after Samaras’ speech, independent MP Oikonomou declared that he will vote for Stavros Dimas. All this journos’ mobilization on a Sunday and nationwide transmission for one vote?
Later on Sunday, another independent MP (Kourakos) said he will vote for Dimas.
BTW also independent MP Melas said Saturday that he will vote for Dimas… so that government has 155 own votes + 5+3 from independent MPs = 163. Still 17 missing till December 29th.
PS apologies for the layout of this post and the failing paragraph breaks… impossible to correct it no matter what. lol

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