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Norman Atlantic: victims may have been attacked by sharks

Investigators into the deadly Norman Atlantic ferry fire told the medical examiner Monday that some of the victims may have been attacked by sharks. According to Italian news agency ANSA, investigators said wounds on one of the bodies resembled shark bites, and said that a marine biologist will be present at autopsy.

Autopsies are to be carried out on nine recovered bodies.

On December 28th, a fire broke out in the car deck of the ferry Norman Atlantic spreading panic and death. At least 11 people were killed, more than 400 passengers and crew were rescued in a huge S&R operation in the Adriatic Sea amid bad weather conditions with rough sea and strong winds. the number of missing is still unknown as it has not been clear so far, how many passengers were on board.

The charred vessel was towed to the southern port city of Brindisi, Italy on January 2, firefighters  needed some ten days to finally extinguished the fire.

Investigation teams are expected to enter the lower car deck and locate any passengers who were trapped in the fire. Apart from truck drivers who were sleeping in their vehicles on that night, there is suspicion that also an unknown number of undocumented migrants were on board.




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