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Daily Mail: Refugees “ruin” Briton’s holidays, turning Kos into “disgusting hellhole”

The joy of holidaymakers is for UK’s Daily Mail more important than the lives of those who flee the war in Syria and Afghanistan. The shameful article, Holidaymaker misery as thousands of boat people from Syria and Afghanistan set up migrant camp to turn popular Greek island into ‘disgusting’ hellhole is accompanied with pictures like that

        Kos daily mail
quotes British tourists saying things like that:

‘It’s awkward. I’m not going to sit in a restaurant with people watching you’: Anne and Tony Servante, from Manchester, say they won’t be coming back next year.

I know I know. It is very disturbing to eat in a restaurant while the hungry are been watching you…
The article has triggered a wave of condemnation on social media:

Interesting enough is that the author is the news paper’s correspondent in Rome. Yes in Italy the country that sinks as well under the influx of migrants seeking a better future in Europe.
But @harrobs assignment to the article has probably to do with Prime Minister David Cameron’s plans to change migration policies in the EU and put an end to Greek EU Commissioner’s efforts to distribute 40,000 migrants from Italy and Greece to European countries according to quotas.

Certainly, the impact of migrants and refugees can pose a burden to economy and tourism but there can be a racism- and snobbish-free approach to the issue.

The full Daily Mail article is here.

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  1. Had you expected anything else form the English “Bild”? Spiteful, disengenuous and far too often very “liberal” with the truth. Not worth the mention, leave alone reading…

  2. The world is on the edge of World War III.
    The weaponry is such that a whole town can be vaporised im minutes.
    What is wrong with a good “bitch & moan” “bitch & moan” when we are all about to be blasted to hell.
    Has anyone watched Trashed 2012 The Movie – Jeremy Irons ?
    What is there to see on holiday anywhere in Europe that will not sicken you.
    It is a pity that media outlets like the Daily Mail has not questioned garbage disposal pratices instead of following the Royals around with adoration.
    An Australian holiday looks fantastic in comparison to anywhere in Europe.
    * The massive numbers of dispocessed refugees are being secretly added to the British population – has no one noticed ?
    In Australia building houses & appartments so as to ease the burdon of refugees in Europe is in full swing
    This development is not for us it’s for the refugees.
    map Maribyrnong Victoria Australia
    & look at all the new building – especially behind Highpoint Shoping Complex on street view & know it is happening on mass in every suburb in Australia.

    • Giaourti Giaourtaki

      Solution: Better arm the Aborigines to throw this Aryan British master-race – these rotten squatters call themselves “Australians” – into the sea so that they can swim back to their shitty island?

  3. After watching Trashed I emailed Professor Jim Al-Khalili & asked him if he could come up with any solutions to Jeremy Iron’s questions.
    Fingers crossed someone wakes up hey.

  4. I absolutely agree. The article is a sensationalist, scaremongering piece of hatred – pretty run of the mill for The Mail then. The absolute lack of empathy for people who have had their lives wrecked by wars (often caused by the West)is sickening and disgusting. A new low for the Daily Mail.

  5. BUT, what about exercising our brains and identifying the root of the evil?
    What about trying to stop the refugee problem from arising in the first place? – What about applying an overall holistic perspective to detect the real, original cause of the problem? – And demand that those who caused the problem also take care of its consequences? – And that they immediately stop causing any more of it?

    • Who caused the devastation of Iraq with a million dead and many more mutilated, disabled, bereaved, and homeless? – Admittedly without reason or provocation.
    • Who caused the same thing in Libya, and now in Syria?
    • Not to mention Afghanistan and several more countries in Africa.

    Jens Jerndal, the true cause of the masses of refugees, Global Research, May 27, 2015

    • Giaourti Giaourtaki

      6 million people of Congo smart murdered for cell phones and play-stations but it is just bloody coltan not diamonds.
      Since the 1950ies 50 million people got slaughtered by cars and in the hugest ever refugee movement involved are hundreds of millions, most of them not recognized kuz they can’t escape their countries and flee only inside their frontiers from chaos produced by the criminals of weather: cardrivers, airplane-passengers aso
      Germany is responsible for a lot of cars and still proud of not being involved in Iraq but in reality therefore was no capitalist reason, as Germany bought oil in Libya, Norway and GB and not in Iraq.

  6. Instead of trying to find a way to help all these people and their countries we’re talking about holidaymakers… Orwellian senario !
    SO instead of dreading somebody might be counting our bites while eating , why don’t we keep our brains busy with what we can do to stop all these wars around us? Mrs Roberts hellholes are worse when placed in civilised minds!!!

  7. Greastest ever advert to scare tourism away from Greece and it’s beautiful islands!