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ND MP proposed to creditors “to reject Tsipras’ Reform List” & “impose capital controls”

Do Greece’s creditors follow and apply advises proposed by conservative New Democracy? It is highly interesting that ND parliamentary group leader and former Health Minister Adonis Gerogriadis had already “advised” creditors to not adopt Tsipras’ plan and instead economically drain the country and impose capital controls.

Georgiadis’ proposal came after the Greek government had submitted a Reforms List.

Speaking to German weekly Focus on June 23rd 2015, Georgiadis said:

“Creditors should not adopt Tsipras’ plan under any circumstances ”

“What is in this proposal contradicts all previous Austerity memoranda [loan agreements with creditors],” said the ex minister stressing that “it harms especially the little people.”

Georgiadis is convinced that the increase in Value Added Tax will be an economic disaster. “This will harm consumption of the country, the true core,  and above all the little people.”

The list was lacking provisions for “liberalization of the labor market,” which Gerogiadis considers as necessary for the creation of new jobs and preservation of  existing ones. The creditors – formerly known as the Troika – were demanding these liberalization long ago.

The conservative politician appeals therefore: “Creditors should not adopt Tsipras’ proposal under any circumstances.” If they did, nothing in the country would be changed and the new fiscal holes would be filled by creditors.

Georgiadis’ alternative idea is as drastic as consistently: “If there is no agreement, capital controls should be introduced. Then we could negotiate a completely new, rational deal with creditors.”

Article in German here FOCUS

What has happened here? Two conservatives, a German media and a Greek politician, talked with each other:

The media did not consider to ask Georgiadis, why the Samaras’ government which he served as a minister did not proceed with the liberalization of labor market in the two and a half years it was in power.

On his part, the MP who ruined the Greek Health Care system and drove millions of low-incomers and chronic-ill into insanity did not bother to even slightly hint about  what the previous two austerity-governments of George Papandreou and Antonis Samaras did or did not and why.

What interest do these so-called “Greeks” like the former Health Minister have to have their own people suffering by closing banks and limit withdrawals? Apparently, when former television book-sellers turn into neoliberals out of the blue… No, not out of the blue. Right-wing and nationalist Georgiadis, moved to New Democracy in spring 2012, when it was clear that the nationalist LAOS would not manage to enter the Parliament on May 2012 elections. I remember very well, that he had said at that time that he was to close down this business because it was running bad due to the crisis.

Opportunists who raise the moral finger to the masses of vulnerable society groups.

Golden Deals with the Germans

Do not underestimate Georgiadis contacts to Germany: Health Minister Georgiadis was in close cooperation with “German Society for Technical Cooperation(GIZ) that had secured a contract through EU Task Force and Head Horst Reichenbach (also a German) to provide Greeks with “technical know-how” on austerity cuts in Health Care, expenditure saving and exorbitant hikes in insurers’ self-participation for prescription medicine. The cost of the close cooperation was reportedly 14.5 million euro – and thus in times of deep recession.

Of course, the deal was through the corridors of contractors and subcontractors: Greece Health Ministry had a contract with the World Health Organization that on its part had assigned GIZ as subcontractor. What a coincidence! I suppose GIZ left Athens on a speed airplane as soon as there was government change. Or are the nice guys of GIZ still here?

PS Oh, before I forget it! Officials from the German Health Ministry were also providing “austerity know-how” about Public Hospitals and Primary Health Care to Minister Georgiadis.

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    A man who conspires against his own country to promote his own economic and social agenda is a TRAITOR.