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Brussels’ vision of Greece’s next gov’t: “broader coalition & legitimacy”

Lenders in general and Brussels in particular have apparently a specific vision about Greece’s next government: a broader coalition with parties dear to the European Commission and the European Parliament. You know, like the water-proof Europeans, the good old chaps from PASOK and New Democracy,  the new ‘liberal socialists’ or something like To Potami. Oh, and SYRIZA. Inevitably. As the previous ruling party still gets 26%-27% in public opinion polls and it can hardly be excluded.

“A coalition government that will have a broad legitimacy and will represent represent as many people as possible. For Brussels, that’s the ideal outcome from the upcoming elections,’ writes Greek Daily Ta NEA. 

An anonymous “European source” told daily TA NEA that “such a government formation could negotiate with greater comfort the issue of debt restructuring.” And in fact  the same source claimed that these messages have already been sent to Greek political parties.

“He is naive who believes that there will be agreement with half of Greece” the source at the European Commission said adding that “this position of Europe will be a factor with wight in the negotiations among the parties to form a government after the elections.”

“This is one of the many lenders’ voices sending repeatedly messages to Greece in recent weeks, messages saying that the lenders expect security, consistent implementation of the program and ‘ownership’ of the new government,” TA NEA notes.

PS a friend captured the anonymous radio message sent by Brussels to Athens.  Here is the transcription: “One. Two. Three. This is. Brussels. Calling. Athens. Elections. Sept20. Government. Big. Coalition. Democracy. OVER.”

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  1. ownership – who owns what?

    • brussels owns gr’s governments :p

    • The first two sentences of the July 13 eurozone summit statement said: “The Euro Summit stresses the crucial need to rebuild trust with the Greek authorities as a pre-requisite for a possible future agreement on a new ESM programme. In this context, the ownership by the Greek authorities is key…”

  2. Giaourti Giaourtaki

    “If voting changed anything, they’d make it illegal.” – Emma Goldman
    Funny will be to see their farce looping when 50% will boycott this nonsense – and this although it’s duty by law to vote..
    Any party around that subtracts from the “86 billion” the already being part of former packages budget 10.9 not used recapitalization for banks + 7.2 (5.3 last tranche + ECB profits)? No! So all candidates are European liars and not vote-able. A tip for more votes: Reduction of EU-memberships for racism would make it so much easier to solve the crisis as the same anti-Greeks are now anti-refugee

    They have put both of Greeces feet into one shoe.

  4. What a farcical situation. Brussels wanting to rebuild trust in Greece, prefers a broad coalition which would include PaSoK and ND, the two most untrustworthy political parties; the ones who lied and cheated over more than 40 years and more; in fact the politicians we shall never trust again. Hypocrites manifest.

    • Giaourti Giaourtaki

      Stupid that Tsipras seems to not rule out to form a coalition with BASOK.
      There is no perfect crime except democracy or how comes that Samaras changed the tradition of nominate a candidate of the opposition for the presidency?
      If he would have taken Manolis Glezos for candidate he would have honoured him and no elections would have been necessary.