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How did Greece’s jobless cast their vote?

Ok. Public opinion polls were a big fail as 12 out of 14 pollsters were predicting “neck and neck” race between Syriza and New Democracy . Also the Exit polls were wrong. The failed Syriza lead at 4%. Nevertheless, this is the only information we have about how Greek jobless cast their vote on Sunday.

Enjoy with care…

Greece elections jobless

The sample is based on Exit Polls data:

SYRIZA , Golden Dawn 14%

KKE, ANEL, 13%

To Potami 9%

Centrists’ Union 7%

ND 6%


Popular Unity 3%

source: tvxsgr via state ERT TV and pollster

However, all this adds to just 83%. Oh….

Ok, let’s accept this is just an …”indication”?

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  1. Hmm… One would think the unemployed would be willing to get paid less than the current wages (e.g., after a Grexit), but at least get a job and get paid something. Why so few voted for PU and KKE?

    • Why man ?
      What is wrong with a descent days work for a descent days pay.
      FOOD COSTS or don’t you eat.

      • Yes, food costs. However, the unemployed do not have “descent days work for a descent days pay” available to them.

    • Giaourti Giaourtaki

      Bullshit like this only people can “think” who live in countries where unemployed get proper allowance from the state and who never thought of why it is in Greece that also lots of businessmen and employers – except from Multis and chains that also prefer to “employ” part-time jobs – want the old minimum wage back, beside that this could get a joker for Tsipras as it indicates modern thoughts in business.
      Anyway most unemployed were not able to answer, nobody asked them any question as they belong to the big winner in this elections: 45% non-voters.