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Spectacular: Full Moon, Blood Moon and Lunar Eclipse. Three in One on Sept 27-28

Go outside and watch this spectacular astronomic phenomenon: a Super Blood Moon and a Lunar Eclipse at the same time. The extremely rare Blood Moon Eclipse is the first since 1982.

This Sunday, on September 27th 2015,  the Super Blood Moon will be visible in  much of the world. This is the first time in more than 30 years that you’ll be able to witness a super moon in combination with a lunar eclipse!

What is a supermoon? It’s a new or full moon that occurs when it is at, or near its closest approach to Earth. This event, combined with Earth’s shadow slowly swallowing the moon during the lunar eclipse, will provide for a spectacular night.

But the blood moon and the eclipse are not the only phenomena tonight.

Tonight’s event is actually three events coming together, according to It’s a full moon, plus a lunar eclipse where the Earth blocks the sun’s light from the moon, plus lunar perigree (aka super moon) when the moon is closest to Earth, making it look much bigger and brighter.

super blood moon

This spectacular phenomenon in the sky formally calls for superstition.

According to, “Of course, whenever something like this happens, people start saying it’s the end of the world. According to CNN, some Christian ministers calling this a “blood moon” say the event fulfills a biblical prophecy predicting the apocalypse, because it’s the fourth in a series of blood moons.”

I don’t know if the end of the world and the apocalypse will happen tonight, but

  1. if they do, you should not wonder if KTG disappears from the internet. Although I doubt whether the internet will survive the apocalypse.
  2. if they don’t, wait for the tax tsunami in Greece to occur as of 1. October. That will be the apocalypse in our pockets.

If you are in Greece, the lunar eclipse will start 5:11 a.m. on Monday, reach its peak at 5:47 am and conclude at 6:23 a.m.

If you are in the USA, the Earth’s shadow will start making its way across the moon at 8:11 p.m. ET, and the eclipse will peak at 10:47 p.m.

BTW I realize when it’s Sunday in USA, it is Monday in Greece. Blame the time difference…

PS And if nothing evil will happen, we will happily live ever after as always in good fairy tales.

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  1. The coming total lunar eclipse on Sunday ( 27 – 28 September) has certain distinguishing features such as : (1). It is combining with supermoon ( perigee Moon ), (2) It is the fourth total lunar eclipse in series, (3). Energies being generated by planets such as Saturn, Mars, Jupiter , Rahu and Ketu ( Nodes of the Moon) as carriers of these lunar eclipses in contemporary times are not as positive as human beings would have wished . The likely impact of the said phenomenon on earth and its inhabitants was explained by this Vedic astrology writer in article – “Total lunar eclipse of 28 September 2015 and the world”- published in June 2015 in Summer 2015 issue of The Astrologer’s Notebook , a quarterly publication in print from North Port, Florida. Readers may like to know that impacts of such celetial phenomena are not confined to the day these occur. The eclipse comes to 27 September in some parts of west. Some months before and after also, the impact remains. Already in contemporary times recently , these happenings have hit the headlines of newspapers : migrant refugee crisis in Europe, global economy slowdown, volcano eruptions, huge tragedy in holy shrine of Mecca , devastating 8.3 magnitude earthquake in Chile, massive fire in California and elsewhere, threats of war by different countries, burning Middle East, unprecedented happenings in Japan, China and Thailand , danger to food crops by drought, floods, inhospitable weather and storms . It looks as if there is widespread environment of uncertainty. Are these uncommon or unusual happenings not a sign of said phenomena on 27 September 2015 ? But if by these phenomenon, world coming to an end or total extinction of mankind is meant, this writer does not subscribe to that opinion or prediction. Mankind is undoubtedly passing through tougher , harder and critical times which may likely cause before mid – 2016 wider damage or harm but end time of mankind as feared by some is neither disclosed nor supported by planetary impacts mentioned here.

  2. I couldn’t see the Super Moon not sure whether the Institutions had privatised it to squeeze the blood out of it.