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Outrageous! US-Embassy in Athens has feral cats “disappeared”

Unbelievable and Outrageous! The US-embassy in Athens got rid of several feral cats living in the embassy compound to unknown destination. The mysterious disappearance of the feral cats occurred some 4 days ago. The news triggered an outrage among animal lovers who started to send e-mails and message condemning the American diplomats for such an action as the cats were taken care of by volunteers in the area and thus they were spayed and neutered.

Equally outrageous was the answer of the US-embassy to the many messages it receives.

feral cat us embassy

Squinty, a cute and gently old lady of 14 years old. One of the cats the US-embassy claims it was moved to another place …

From Facebook & Athens Cats Welfare NGO Nine Lives

“We’re appalled at reports that the US Embassy is eradicating its resident cats.

We have learned that 4 of the 7 cats that had lived all their lives within the US Embassy campus were collected and abandoned on the outskirts of Athens.

One of these cats, Squinty (pictured) was 14 years old, a frail and gentle old lady who had never known any other home but the safe embassy campus.

The cats, which were all friendly and tame, had been spayed/neutered in accordance with Greek law.

On December 10-11, they were removed and dumped in a dangerous place between fast roads and packs of dogs.

Allegedly, the US Embassy similarly ‘disappeared’ some 15 cats from the garden of one of their senior staff last year.

To register your dismay at the Embassy’s inhumane actions, we urge you either to Tweet (@usembassyathens or @daviddpearce) or to send a Facebook message to:

Suggested message:

“We call on the Embassy to abide by Greek law and show its civilized values by returning the cats and ensuring their safety and well-being at the Embassy grounds, and implementing a humane trap-neuter-return and veterinary care programme for all Embassy cats, now and in future.”

The US Embassy uploaded a short notice on its FB page claiming:

feral cats us embassy

As the cats are feral, they have no owner and are not property of the US embassy, the pet loving diplomats have no authority on them, neither can they remove them anywhere -safe or unsafe.

The cats must return back to the compound

Furthermore, the US-embassy has to provide evidence that the cats are alive and should invite some Animal Welfare NGOs and show them that the cats are alive and safe and are being taken care of.

Of course, the US embassy compound is “American soil” and is protected by US Law. But even in USA, there are laws protecting animals, domestic or feral. Unless, the US diplomats believe that they are above the Laws of their own country and of the country that hosts them.

PS I could shout “SHAME”, but I am a polite person NOT.

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  1. Since when did Yanks observe the rule of law? Bush and Cheney were nothing more than manipulative war-mongers, hungry for Iraqi oil and money. Obama happily authorises drones to kill civilian children and women in Afghanistan and Pakistan — despite knowing that it is contrary to international law and basic human decency. Obviously, some feral cats daring to camp in Emabssy grounds with no money or machine guns are fair game: without money or military power, they should not expect to live.

  2. There is actually a huge fine for moving feral animals outside of their territory. Why is the US Embassy not being fined?? The laws of Greece apply in this case because these are GREEK cats.

    • once they live in the compound, they are American cats with Green Cards and the case has to be dealt with with US animal protection Laws

  3. Here we go again…..outrage in the wrong direction….. no indignation over the perpetual poisoining of feral (and domestic)cats that occurs DAILY in municipalities in and around Athens, nor a cry of outrage for the thousands of feral cats that continue to breed, unchecked and live horrible lives on the streets, dependent on scavenging through the garbage with infections, disease, untreated….producing more kittens come spring time, half or more which end up killed by autombiles and trucks. And not to mention the whole feral dog problem. While not as bad as a third world country, not that far away from the same reality. Have any of the above complainers bothered to adopt/have a feral dog/cat from the streets of Athens and have them spaid and neutered?

    • yes, they have. lots of people – me incl – have adopted feral cats & dogs from the streets, keep feeding the colonies & also take feral & strays to vets on our own cost. And because the big picture is bad, we should not complain on the small puzzle pieces of them?