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Protesting farmers distribute 50 tonnes of veggies & fruits

Fifty tonnes of oranges and other fruits and vegetables ‘disappeared’ within thirty minutes, when protesting farmers distributed them free of charge among residents of a underdeveloped district of Athens.

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Farmers, vegetable growers and street vendors working in open markets (laiki) joined the protests against the pension reform. As the weekly open market vendors are on 48-hour strike on Wednesday and Thursday, they said they decided to give away the fruits and vegetables as they cannot sell them.

Residents of Kolonos were not aware of the action, but the moment the distribution started at 9:30 in the morning, the news spread like a wildfire and hundreds flocked in to get a bag with fresh food.

Whether for the purpose of Public Relations or not, the free veggies and fruits were certainly a welcome present for many families and pensioners households.

PS I want to see also other protesters distributing free of charge milk, eggs, cheese, meat and poultry 🙂

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