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Thessaloniki: Epic bus driver urges commuters to “befriend with deodorant”

High temperatures, fully packed buses at peak hours and the divorce some people have taken with personal hygiene and deodorants often create an unbearable situation. An epic driver in Thessaloniki found a way to get rid of the bad summer odors in they fully packed buses. As the driver could …

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Protesting farmers distribute 50 tonnes of veggies & fruits

Fifty tonnes of oranges and other fruits and vegetables ‘disappeared’ within thirty minutes, when protesting farmers distributed them free of charge among residents of a underdeveloped district of Athens. Farmers, vegetable growers and street vendors working in open markets (laiki) joined the protests against the pension reform. As the weekly …

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19 parties to run for Greece’s snap elections, €2.1m state funding goes only to seven parties

Greek voters who have not decided yet for which party they will cast their vote, they cannot complain about lack of choices. Nineteen political parties and five alliances of political parties have submitted their documents to Greece’s Supreme Court (Areios Pagos)  and seek the court’s approval to run for the  …

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Greek elections: Latest polls and estimated seats distributions

Left-wing SYRIZA increases its rates towards conservative Nea Dimokratia in the several polls published five days before the elections on Sunday. The growing rate difference 4%-6.5% is been justified with the rate of former ND-voters (elections 2012) who tend to cast a vote for SYRIZA. Pollsters estimate that 3% of …

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Patras: Farmers Distribute Potatoes and Eggs Free of Charge

Despite the rain, farmers from the area of Patras brought four tons of potatoes, lettuce, cabbage and fresh eggs and ditributed them to the residents of the city in Western Greece.  The farmers decided to launch this symbolic action in order to protest the fact that they have not received yet …

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(Upd) 10.000 European Youth Cards to be distributed to Greeks

 Finally a good news! Ten thousand discount cards will be distributed free of charge to Greek students, jobless or working youth, aged 13-30 years old. The European Youth Card is a discount and not a credit card and it will provide the cardholder with discounts to certain categories of goods and services …

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