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Minister Kouroublis describes Idomeni camp as “modern Dachau”

Interior Minister Panagiotis Kouroublis visited Idomeni and the camp that “hosts” some 12,000 people, with the majority of them living in appalling conditions. He described the camp as a “modern Dachau”.

I do not hesitate to say that this is a modern Dachau, result of the logic of closed borders. We believed in a Europe of open borders, a Europe which has constantly in mind that the blood that was shed because of nationalism should not be shed again. Unfortunately, Europe today sees again the awaken of a peculiar nationalism against persecuted people. The logic cannot not stand when you know that there is a Europe of 580 million inhabitants, a Europe that refuses to absorb 1-1.5 million underprivileged  people, who, after all, it was not their choice to leave their country, but were forced to do so by the wars to which also Europe participated, unfortunately,” Kouroublis told reporters.

Nice speech about Europe’s responsibilities, closed borders and their impact to squalid Idomeni camp. But “a modern Dachau,” where the Nazis systematically murdered at least 32,000 people and kept prisoners (Jews, political prisoners) in appalling conditions including torture and starvation? Please!

Kouroublis (left with sun glasses) meets refugees in Idomeni camp

Instead of shocking symbolism, as a minister of the Greek government Kouroublis can and should very well do his share to improve the conditions in Idomeni camp.

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  1. The blood spilt in the blood was not in the name of NATIONALISM but GREED – nationalism is vital to order – open borders are fine – especially for squadrons of enemy forces wanting to move in secrecy – gangs of thugs – like neo-Nazi’s on a mission – football hooligans looking for excitement – international organised crime syndicates moving contraband across countries –
    This man is an idiot.

    • Giaourti Giaourtaki

      So Australians and Americans have good luck that the real Australians and real Americans don’t act nationalist and throw the European squatters out; I guess this is not the reason to kill’em with alcohol and illegal prison-regime, by religion and capitalism, put’em in ghettoes and reservations plus force’em to speak the invaders language.

      • One day some neanderthal decendents will knock on your door. I hope you are prepared to give back the stolen land you live on, you should then be stripped of any money or valuables you have as compensation for the thousands of year in which you and your ancestors criminally profited from the genocide wrecked upon the peaceful and innocent neanderthals.

        Do you at least fell guilty???
        You should, their blood is practically on your hands.

        • Giaourti Giaourtaki

          You should tell this families of Armenian and Greek holocaustos survivors as your time-table to just nationalism fits brilliant, genocidal massacres must have been Zeitgeist of the era.
          How comes that self-confessed “lefties” denounce minorities rights by using typical German extreme-right wingers “argumentation”-line they normally use for hunting against “these unthankfull Greek subhumans” that got the cheek to remind of war reparations, are you just too lazy or too scarred to get your travel-papers in a reservation camp?

          • ““these unthankfull Greek subhumans””

            Dont put words in my mouth.

            Im not guilty of any nazi crimes just like mondern day spaniards arent resposible for the genocides in southamerica or modern day americans arent responsible for slavery.
            The past can be useful to learn from but its the future our deeds and thoughts should work for.
            I was and am for massive debt relief for greece not because the fact that one of my grandpa faught in russia means somehow I owe the greek people, but because not doing so means to rob the future of many young greeks. Im teaching refugee kids not because ger being a huge weapons exporter would somehow make me complicit, but because I can help to awaken the huge potential that slumbers in our tiny humans.

            You speak the language of hate, I dont.

            So when you go into your violent rants and then try to lay blame at other people for words and statements you just made up on the spot it simply doesnt work.
            I just wonder whether you dont realize this or whether you dont care.

  2. Giaourti Giaourtaki

    Just to stop this: It’s starting with European 5th generation migrants in Australia whose Aryan nations nationalist crap against refugees is stinking from the still happening genocide of today’s true Australians (to call’em “Aboriginis” is “positive” racism to distort) and ends with blatant mistaking of “they” and “you”, bravo.