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Deportations to Turkey resume amid uproar, protests and ugly scenes

Deportations to Turkey resumed on Friday morning amid protests and activists jumping in the water to prohibit the ship’s journey to Dikili. While almost 150 people were deported according to EU Turkey deal, another 149 arrived in the last 24 hours. In an emergency meeting, Turkish Parliament confirmed that Turkey is anything but a safe country. The Parliament approved a legislation to send all Pakistanis deported from Greece back to Pakistan.

“Successful” EU Turkey Deal:

Friday: 150 deported, 149 come to Greece.

According to Greek authorities: 330 “migrants” were deported since last Monday and 518 arrived in Greece since then.

45 migrants, mostly from Pakistan left from Lesvos for Dikili.

50 people from Kos and 29 from Samos were brought by ferry to Lesvos and from there on Fontex-chartered ship to Turkey.

Ugly scenes last night when a group of some 150 “angry locals” marched through the port trying to evict the port of Chios from some 300 refugees camping there.

Some of the ‘angry’ extremists threw firecrackers at the refugees who got panicked. In the middle of the panic that broke out, a refugee woman cried “Bomb”.

Friday morning on the islands of Lesvos.

Activists jumped into the water in the port of Lesvos in an attempt to hinder the ship to leave for Turkey. Three of them were detained by local police.

Refugees and migrants in the hot spot on Samos allegedly threatened with glass pieces and knives the two policemen guarding the detention center with 560 people.

Εξέγερση μεταναστών στη Σάμο! Απείλησαν τους αστυνομικούς και έφυγαν από το hot spot - Κατάληψη στο λιμάνι - ΦΩΤΟ & BINTEO

The gates were opened and the crowd started to march through the island.

Especially, the war refugees are in uproar in despair about the possibility to be sent back to Turkey as there are concerns whether asylum applications are being properly examined.  Afghan and Syrian refugees on the island of Chios warn of “suicides” over the EU Turkey deal.

Almost daily are the incidents where a refugee or a migrants attempts suicide.

Μετανάστης αποπειράθηκε να αυτοπυρποληθεί στο κέντρο της Αθήνας! Εκτός ελέγχου η κατάσταση στον Πειραιά

A man threatened to set himself on fire in downtown Athens on Thursday.

Shocking scenes also in Idomeni, when a policeman on the FYROM side of the border hits a child. Note that riot polciemen form other countries have been deployed to FYROM to protect the borders ‘from children’.

Authorities try to evacuate the port of Piraeus of at least 5,000 refugees and migrants camping there with the majority of them refusing to move to ‘accommodation centers’. Their common slogan is “Open Borders.” An new leaflet calls on refugees and migrants to not leave the port of Piraeus. Who is behind these actions? Nobody can tell for sure, but the Greek government hints at “activists.”

Πειραιάς: Νέο φυλλάδιο που καλεί τους πρόσφυγες να μην φύγουν

Meanwhile, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan threatens to cancel the EU Turkey Deal “unless the EU fulfill its promises,” which is visa-free for Turkish citizens.

From March 20th until now, estimated 4,000 refugees and migrants have arrived in Greece.

Deportations are expected to continue on Monday, most probably from Chios.

Accoridng to Associated Press, extreme right Golden Dawn planning demonstration Friday afternoon in Piraeus, against the country’s “Islamisation”.

Well played, Europe… :p

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  1. The EU is now providing ammunition to Golden Dawn. This situation is a disgrace and a disaster. As usual, most of the fault lies with the German politicians who cannot be trusted to keep to their word, to do anything for Europe, and continue to fuck up EU policy. This is not to say that other EU countries are any better; and the European Commission itself is a disgrace, as it refuses to uphold the EU Treaties and prosecute countries like Hungary that openly flout the law.
    This is the slow beginning of the end of the European Union.

  2. You are so fucked, plain and simple. This is the case for Greece, Germanistan is already fucked, Belgistan and Swedenistan are fucked too, so you can expect that war is coming. And don`t be afraid, your fuckin` politicians won`t do a thing for the common people. So, waky waky, war is coming, everybody is for himself, we will fuck up the muzzie scum anyway, and after that will fuck up the elite scum in every country. Again, you have no ideea of what is coming, so don`t be stupid, and prepare yourself.

    • Hey man, it sound like a fucking teddy bears picknic, you light the fire & i will bring the marshmellows & everyonecan go fuck themselves.

  3. I can’t wait to see the look on ERDOGAN’S face when he actually sees the SEVERAL MILLIONS MORE PEOPLE COMING TO HIS COUNTRY – he is so stupid he may not get it – even then.

    • Turkey just closes its borders when it feels like it. You don’t know what you are talking about. The problem is not for Turkey, but for the EU which is trying to destroy international humanitarian law along with its own reputation as a civilised political union. Turkey has nothing to lose.

  4. With some people – a dog can bite their face of & they will wonder what happened.