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Idomeni: At least 260 people hurt in incidents at Greece-FYROM borders

At least 260 migrants were hurt on Sunday when police fired tear gas at crowds of people as they tried to break through the Greece-Macedonia border, medical charity MSF said.

idomeni Apr10littleboy

“Two hundred people were treated by our medical unit for breathing problems, 30 for wounds caused by plastic bullets and 30 for other injuries,” MSF official Achilleas Tzemos told AFP.

Other media report of 200 people with respiratory problems, 30 with injuries form rubber bullets and 34 people with open wounds.

rubber bullets…

many children… 15 of the injured were below 5 years old.

carrying the injured…

lots of teargas…

Injuries on the other side

Austrian police gives water to distressed FYROM soldier…

On Sunday morning, refugees and migrants moved from the camp at Idomeni to the border fence of FYROM and tried to raid it.

The result was that FYROM police and army fired teargas and stun grenades against those at the border fence but also with projectiles inside the tent camp. For hours. More on what happened this morning and why read here.

Pictures from Twitter #Idomeni

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  1. I’d be happier if some illegals got killed.

    • Giaourti Giaourtaki

      Geronimo will kill all 300 million illegal “Americans” and the rainbow snake sends back to UK all “Australians”, if you wanna visit these countries just ask for allowance in the reservation camps or name yourself illegal

      • What you can take away from this is that demographics will determine the outcome of migration whether that is by refugee crisis or conquest. What do you think the Incas or Aztecs would have done to Europe if they had ships and superior weapons? These were tribes that conquered other people. That is why these people fought with the Spanish against them.
        The biggest demographic group will impose its culture and religion onto the rest. While Europeans still dominate immigrants in numbers, not so much in age distribution and birth rates. It will take several generations but newcomers will eventually out pass indigenous people’s of Europe. Will they adopt the values of their new home continent or impose theirs?

        • Giaourti Giaourtaki

          If this all would be a real problem why don’t they just ban all religions, kick out all students from schools and universities and fire all politicians and pilots that believe in god for being are risk and an intellectual failure? Nobody would come any more. May be it’s the same with that most ugly crimes are only possible with the use of cars, they don’t care but lots of kids and people would still live their life if cars would be banned from cities; although to ban all cars in general also demands not only bad weather but regarding a real problem it’s just nothing they do.
          But regarding your old cultures nobody can know as we only know little about what really happened, nobody knows if may be in ancient times tribes like the Amazons were the majority but from latest research we can learn that atheism was much more widespread than today. So from this one can conclude that writing skills were developed to transfer and manifest tales like religion and history and manifest power and since then it’s a negative development.

          • As usual when you are cornered with logical facts and reason you respond incoherently.
            Anyway, can you name me one Muslim country that respects human rights, is democratic, where people are free to do what they want and is prosperous? Can you name one, just one?

          • Giaourti Giaourtaki

            This makes not any difference, Muslim countries can not be as all religion is a crime, all states are terrorists to organize exploitation and keep warm the rich, being national organized makes it easier, all states fuck the human rights of children by poisoning their minds with religion and feed them with meat and make them to cannibals this way, total manipulation and child-abuse ending up in war for hallucinations of bigot idiots and godsuckers. Human rights will get abolished just like all rights will as they are only granted by capitalists to prevent revolts, if they need more control rights will decrease. But I’m not sure if any Mulim country exists neither Christian as in in both their holy comic-books no cars and air-planes are mentioned but all can drive and destroy the planet they believe is god created, so driving cars makes them pagans. But I’m sure the people who allow religion outside of madhouse want war.

          • It does make a difference Giaourti (I may call you Giaourti, right? 😉 ) but I agree with you on people being poisoned with mindsets whether that is religion or ideological. But some are more poisonous than others.

    • “Illegals”? Do you mean the criminals masquerading as police, employed by the former Yugoslav Government of MakeDonkeys? You cannot mean the refugees on the border, because as a matter of international and European law, asylum-seekers cannot be illegal.
      Of course, we know that the crypto-fascists of eastern Europe and the Balkans have no respect for human rights or even law generally: it is the might of Stalin that they respect. I’d like to see that pathetic little Hungarian “prime minister” argue with Stalin (or Putin, for that matter). Hahahahahahaha.

      • “because as a matter of international and European law, asylum-seekers cannot be illegal.”
        According to the Dublin Regulation, the first EU country of entry is obligated to process the asylum seekers. In this case it is Greece. Greece like everybody else has been trying to move them up north asap (without registering them) but Greece according to the treaty is responsible. Of course, the people all want to go to Mutti and several countries have suspended Dublin. In fact, it was Mutti herself that suspended it by refusing to put a cap.

        • keeptalkinggreece

          and the EU that has suspended Dublin claims to process to changes of Dublin Regulation so to make its suspension official

        • No, that is not what Dublin III says. (It is fra more complex) Moreover, the CJEU has suspended all returns to Greece since 2011, so Dublin does not apply. That is why the crooks in northern Europe closed their borders — since they cannot return anyone to Greece.

          • That is also why the crooks in the Tsipras government sends all people up north. To get rid of them. They have not done much to register people and also refused or delayed help to do so. The EU and EU countries might have dirty hands but so has Greece.
            Anyway, if treaties like Dublin and Schengen can be suspended then what counts then?

  2. Giaourti Giaourtaki

    Austrian-Fyromacedonian naziscum fires into Greece? After the end of this crisis something should be done like building a wall against the aggressor from the north and drive around Fyrom or deplore now tanks with huge nets against chemical warfare.

    • Actually, the solution would be to enforce withdrawal of all Greek investment in fYRoM: the silly little country would collapse overnight.

      • keeptalkinggreece

        that’s true.

      • Giaourti Giaourtaki

        One should also not forget that it was Skopje who enforced capital controls on Greece and other sanctions to put up an economic fence already weeks before Greece was forced to do so in spring of 2015, Fyrom played its cheap provocative role as the yappy little dog of the capitalistic hunting society; it was also a racketeer threat against all Greek money in Fyrom followed by Bulgaria, Albania, Serbia, Romania, Croatia and Slovenia and promptly followed by Merkel visiting the Balkans with the Austrian AlpeHypo-Bank mafia in the background.

    • Giaourti Giaourtaki

      …and don’t forget to give the Idomeni (refugee)kids lots of (spray)paint to create art on the tanks, it will be some of the nicest tanks the world has seen and afterwards can be auctioned as art for billionaires