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Ellinikon Camp: Teenager migrant girl, 17, dies in ICU

A 17-year-old migrant girl from Afghanistan died in the Intensive Care Unit of Laiko Hospital in Athens where she going undergoing treatment for five days. According to Greek media, the girl was suffering from severe abdomen and stomach pain and she was taken to the hospital. She was allegedly suffering from gastroenteritis. The girl was staying with her parents and her siblings in a small tent at the premises of old Athens airport in Ellinikon camp. The premises of the old Athens airport are not considered as an official camp and the living conditions for 4,000 migrants are appalling.

Before taken to ICU, the girl was already treated once in the hospital but her parents took her back to the camp on their own responsibility, Laiko director told media..

According to her mother, a couple of days ago, Mahaz felt sick and the parents took her to the mobile medical unit of the camp operated by Greek Disease Prevention organization (KEELPNO) and several volunteer doctors.

She was taken with ambulance to Laiko public hospital and returned to the camp. She felt uneasy again, she fainted and she was taken to the hospital again, where doctors advised her to ICU. Despite the doctors’ efforts the girl passed away.

Complaining about the borders closure, Mahaz’s mother said that “Greece cannot do anything for us” and that “tomorrow or the day after we will die here.” θάνατος 17χρονης στο Ελληνικό από realmedialive

“In Elliniko camp there has already been a case of hepatitis,” RealNews notes.
Migration Minister Yannis Mouzalas said that he will conduct an investigation.

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