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Clean Beaches Report 2016: Where to swim in Athens & surrounding areas

You are in Athens and you hear the call of the sea? There are several clean beaches nearby that you can visit with public transport means and others a bit more far away that you’d better reach with own vehicle.

athens clean beaches

The Laboratories of the National Ecological Research Center PAKOEE issued the Clean Beaches Report 2016, based on measurements conducted in the sea water of several beaches of Attica prefecture in May and June 2016. The report presents the clean and the unsuitable for swimming beaches mostly around Athens, Greece according to measurements conducted in 2016.

athens clean beaches1

Feel that the heat wave weekend with over than 40° C  – Get into the Tram from Syntagma Square and reach the free beach in Palaio Faliro in 60 minutes. Tram stop “Batis” and/or “Edem”.

athens clean beaches3

Next beach is in the Municipality Beach of Alimos – entrance used to be 5 euro. I don’t know the price in summer 2016.

athens clean beaches2

With the Tram you can reach all free and entrance-fee beaches up to Glyfada and Voula suburbs in  south-east Athens.

The visualization of the map is on The website notes that

“Due to limited accuracy of the PA.KOE survey maps the actual sampling spots may diverge from their visualization signs.

Each measurement comes with specific reference to the review commission, a link to the commission website, sampling date and the relevant form.”

The visualization of the map with explanations is available also in English here.

 Ok, this beach is in north Euboia …
beach at Palaio Faliro

Enjoy the fun of the blue coolness 🙂

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