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Two Greek Sea Arches among World’s Top Ten

There are numerous stunning sea arches across the globe. Two of them are in Greece.”The Blue Caves” on the island of Zakynthos, Ionian Sea, and the “Kleftiko Caves” on the island of Milos in the Central Aegean Sea. Kleftiko Caves These rock formations can only be reached by the sea …

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Clean Beaches Report 2016: Where to swim in Athens & surrounding areas

You are in Athens and you hear the call of the sea? There are several clean beaches nearby that you can visit with public transport means and others a bit more far away that you’d better reach with own vehicle. The Laboratories of the National Ecological Research Center PAKOEE issued …

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Clean Beaches: With 430 Blue Flags Greece earns 4rd place in EU: 1st is … Luxembourg!

Greece has earned the fourth place in Europe with regards to the quality of its bathing waters. According to data published by the European Environment Agency,  97.2% of areas inspected were deemed to be outstanding. The EEA also announced that the country was positioned third worldwide in terms of Blue …

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Colors of Greece – Capture the moment

You don’t need much to capture the moments of Greece. Moments full of colors. A tiny detail here, a bright view there. Yes, the light is blessed in Greece and present us with lots of unforgettable gifts. Emerald-green sea    Cheerful sun umbrella  Up, up and near the sea  Kids …

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Athens:… and Omonia Sq. was turned into a Fancy Beach!

This day is dedicated to stun Greeks! Multicoloured sun umbrellas, golden sand and orange comfort chairs turned the Omonoia Square in the middle of Athens into a fancy beach! Moms brought their kids, young pairs slipped into their bathing suits and youngsters started to play beach volley in the decayed downtown …

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How Can You Tell if the Sea You Swim in is Clear?

Good question, not easy the answer, unless you travel around with the latest official report on clean & dirty beaches based on extensive water tests. There are some  tips though that can help you avoid health threatening “unknown” waters.   So, let’s say, you were lucky enough to be able  to tank …

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