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Colors of Greece – Capture the moment

You don’t need much to capture the moments of Greece. Moments full of colors. A tiny detail here, a bright view there. Yes, the light is blessed in Greece and present us with lots of unforgettable gifts.

Colours of Greece

Emerald-green sea


Colours of Greece colours1

 Cheerful sun umbrella

Colours of Greece houses sea

 Up, up and near the sea

Colours of Greece beach

 Kids and grannies, kids and grannies…

Colours of Greece little boat

 Where do you go to, my lovely…

Colours of Greece flower detail

 Still trying to find out the name of the plant

Colours of Greece port ship

 Arriving at the island port

Colours of Greece strais

 Stairs to island church

PS Yes, I am still not in the mood to write about Greek taxes and success stories…



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  1. The name of the plant is Ruellia brittoniana.

    Εχω το ιδιο σε μια γλαστρα. Ευχαριστω για τα αρθρα και φωτογραφιες της Ελλαδας.


  2. The name of the purple plant is Petounia(Petunia)