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Taxman chases Chinese beach masseur into the sea

The Greek Finance Ministry is determined to combat tax evasion and has launched a control operation preferably in the touristic areas of the country – which are notorious for selling goods and services without issuing receipts Devoted to combat tax evasion, police and tax controllers have joined forces for a honorable cause: to not allow anyone who makes money out of tourists and sunbathers to go away without sharing profits with the state.

Local police and tax collectors raided the Tsambika beach on the east side of island of Rhodes. One of the many Chinese beach masseurs who offer their services against money but do not issue receipts saw the law & tax enforcement units approaching.

According to Rhodes daily, the woman started to run and mingled with the sunbathers.

Police and tax inspectors began to chase her and the woman apparently seeing no other way out she fell into the sea and started to swim.

The controllers located her in the sea, about 10 meter from the shore, and started to shout at her to come out. She did not.

The police had no power to make arrests in the water and would have to call the Coast Guard.

A tax collector ready for all challenges was wearing a swimming suit under her clothes. So what she did?  She took her clothes off, jumped into the sea and swam to the point where the Chinese tax evader was.

“The tax collector forced the Chinese woman out of the sea,” Rodiaki notes. Citing eyewitnesses, the daily writes that “the police arrested her and the tax collectors imposed a fine to her.”

Rodiaki notes further that the tax collector was wearing a swimming suit because “some taxmen and taxwomen pretend to be tourists in order to better conduct their tax evasion controls.”

I suppose, next action by tax controllers will be to chase beach vendors selling sun-glasses and umbrellas, water and frappe, beach towels and pareos. Oh, and the henna-tattoo makers.

It must be the beach industry that adds immense to the tax evasion of this country. The damned beach industry workers who operate over a couple of months per year and make a turnover of some 20-30 euro per day that financially ruin Greece.

However, fining a Chinese beach masseur or an umbrella seller does not bring much. It is the gangs behind them making the big tax-free profit.

chinese massage on the beach

Thumbnail picture is from Bangkok – I have no idea whether Chinese massage is offered against POS-payment and debit card, or there is no tax evasion problem over there.

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  1. And the Gang behinde thes Chinees people are Greek ….so where to stop them
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