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UPD Germany to send 3,000 refugees back to Greece

I thought, EU members states were supposed to take 6,000 refugees per month from Greece – according to some forgotten EU Deal signed the European Commission and the EU member states. Reality teaches us, the deal will work the other way around. Member states will send refugees back to …Greece. Blame the Dublin III Agreement.

Germany decided to send to Greece and specifically to Crete more than  3,000 refugees in first phase. Berlin considers that this number is “redundant” in its territory.

According to local media, the Greek government has adopted this German decision, while Migration Minister Yiannis Mouzalas chaired a revelant meeting in Herakleion recently and announced the transfer.

The refugees will start coming by plane initially in Heraklion and Chania in December. Mouzalas had said that they will come after the tourist season. Independent MEP Notis Marias also confirmed the transfer in an interview with Radio Kriti.

The cost for Greece since the beginning of the Refugee Crisis “is more than two billion euro, the EU has allocated so far €330million – not to the Greek government but to NGOs, mostly NGOs from abroad,” ekriti notes.

Meanwhile the influx from Turkey started to increase again, more than 650 refugees and migrants arrived last week. Athens is worried that Ankara will draw back from the EU-Turkey deal in October.

UPDATE: Migration Minister Yiannis Mouzalas dismissed the relocation of 3,000 refugees from Germany to Crete, However Mouzalas mentioned the relocation of maximum 2,000 refugees from other part of Greece to Crete. He criticized the Cretans for opposing to accept refugees and migrants.

PS Oh, yes, Germany lives by the EU books and sticks to the quotas lol

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  1. Dublin III was supposed to be revoked, and distribution of refugees made across the EU. Instead, they are now planning Dublin IV and no serious attempt to redistribute refugees, or any legal action against fascist countries like Hungary that refuse to obey the law.
    Basically, it’s the same story as with the eurozone mess: let’s fuck around with Greece, Italy, etc and we (northern and eastern europe) do what we like — regardless of the law. The only obvious solution is for Greece to quit the EU and tell Germany and the eurogroup to go fuck themselves. Europe is really a disaster zone, now. Greece is better off outside of it.

    • Giaourti Giaourtaki

      Just get tricky and start online petition for death penalty in Hungary, so to get kicked out of EU.

      • I misread your comment as suggesting an “online death penalty in Hungary”, then realised I had misread it:-)
        On the other hand, it’s possible that the Hungarians would support an immediate death penalty to be implemented by your ISP: it would avoid all that silly nonsense about courts, trials and justice, that the fascists there so clearly despise.

  2. Giaourti Giaourtaki

    So this is the tricky result of that the 1st Greek government since a decade or so tries to improve a minimum of humanity, abolish concentration camps for refugees and showed the world that they were able handling thousands of applies for Asylum without any help from EU? Hopefully they use the time until December for Greek language-lessons for people that were never planning for Greece…
    What about declaring some rocky islands for being “out of Europe” so they can dump them where as this is what Kurz and others are referring to when “Australian” “secure borders” farts out of his Adolf-brains, the anti-Greek suck that owes Greece hundreds of millions for ruining the price for Trainose, governing a nation that allowed pogroms in Vienna, when Rapid Nazis were hunting PAOK-fans and every Greek that was in the streets.

  3. Crete? That’s where US European Naval Command is located at Souda Bay and Israeli air force at Kastelli.

  4. EU really showing what an utter mess it is, so , we see the reason Brexit happened.Greece would be better served leaving the EU and Eurozone, as the way the EU has managed the financial and migration matters Greece has faced has been a disaster.Germany and France are historically poor leaders, so the EU will suffer from poor leadership from here on out. Britain provided the counterbalance to this poor leadership, and, the billions to the EU budget.Hard to see where this will come from, for the EU from now on.Greece would be better served following the UK’s lead and seeking to follow a similar direction in terms of trade etc. Greece is fortunate to have Stournaras at the BOG as crisis manager,very skilled banker. On migration matters/Public order Dendias would be more than capable than the current actors.

    • Dendias was an irresponsible fascist and racist in his handling of migration issues in Greece. ND generally would make a much worse mess of it than the current lot — hopeless as they are.
      If Greece left the EU, it would have to address the migration issues directly to the UN Security Council. In fact, my professional opinion is that Greece should have done so last year, when it was clear that the EU was incapable of solving even simple problems, let alone this massive one. Basically, the EU has to be told to accept a quota of refugees who are bona fide, and transport them safely from the conflict region to the EU hosting countries. As things stand, war zone countries are all on the Schengen visa blacklist and will not be admitted to Schengen (or the EU). In effect, Europe has forced the refugees of the world to try to drown themselves and use smugglers to cross the Aegean and Med. — and then the EU politicians have the sheer gall and hypocrisy to complain that refugees arrive “illegally” and employ smugglers.
      The question is what Greece can do about it. Relying on Turkey is a foolish, illegal and short-term policy. There is no plan B, other than the alleged German plan to turn all of Greece into a large refugee camp. Greece needs to go to the UN, threaten to denounce the UN 1951 convention on refugees, and demand that richer countries accept responsibility. There are additional threats that can be made — but of course Tsipras is too much of a wimp to do or say anything. He prefers to take instructions from Germany and the USA.

      • Giaourti Giaourtaki

        May be it’s much smarter for Greece to play some Turkish cards too as there are similar experiences with EU-blackmail, media hunt and German Lies – it’s so funny to meet Turks again that were believing the German anti-Greek media frenzy – also the escalating anti-Turkish policies from Austria and other right-wing populists aims on dumping all refugees into Greece, as this is meant by their blurbs of ‘better abolish the treaty with Turkey and “help” Greece instead’, not to mention that the border by which Austria and Fyrom slaughtered 4000 refugees in the sea is still closed.

      • .Dendias executed the policies that ND Govt. requested of him. No issue there. Controlling borders and strict migration policies are fundamental to any country. As for taking orders from the USA, they are the powerhouse, with 8 million Greek citizens living there, so, they have the ability to influence US policy. Germany has 1-2 million Greek citizens as does the UK, a better policy would be formore of these citizens to be more involved with Greek issues and policies, influence the policy from within those countries, before it gets to Greece.

        • Giaourti Giaourtaki

          Style? One does not play “Beach-Volleyball” if there’s no ocean to jump after the ball…
          Greko-Germans living in Germany are not more than 330.000 and they’re busy enough being scarred if pogroms will result out of the anti-Hellenistic propaganda the German Goebbels-media spread and fill up lorries to bring down to Greece.
          Dendias is an ahistoric jerk who was using racist Austrian propaganda of disappointed Philhellenes – the same source most Goebbels-media drinks of – hallucinating a “Dorian invasion” of migrants but it’s not clear if this “invasion” ever happened; anyway invaders are armed troops.

    • Giaourti Giaourtaki

      Of these billions the UK just forget to pay 25 or so and the Brexit has more to do with the Americanization of the electorate as the majority of non-voters was the winner.
      Also unlike in Europe most migrants coming to UK have a right to do so, as they are citizens of commonwealth and it will become so much more when all British squatters have to leave Australia and America after these continents will get free and independent from European invaders and occupation that was also too stupid to integrate and learn some of hundreds of languages of these continents have; instead they throw people into jail who refuse to speak English and as the racists they are they call them “aborigine” just to create their own squatter-“rights” to stay.