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Prosecutor suggests chairman of Olympiakos FC be jailed pending trial

The Appeals Prosecutor in Athens has called for the Chairman of Olympiakos FC, Vaggelis Marinakis, to be referred to trial and be jailed pending trial. According to the 400-page report of the prosecutor,  Marinakis is suspected of being involved in a criminal organization that is believed to have rigged football matches and in other felony charges.

Appeals prosecutor, Stamatis Daskalopoulos, suggests to the Appeals Council to order Marinakis’ detention, as he considers that he has breached the condition to abstain from soccer activities, a condition that had been imposed after the  interrogation.

According to Daskalopoulos, detention was necessary in order to prevent committing of further offenses, therefore the restricted conditions should be upgraded into “remand custody until the trial takes place.”

Daily To Vima notes that “Marinakis recently admitted to be involved in football, despite an earlier court decision which banned him from doing so. Sources close to  Olympiacos chairman has responded that the ban was on football and not om the  profession aspects of football.”

An angry Marinakis published a statement on the website of Olympiakos FC, where he lashes out against the Appeals prosecutor, accusing him of being in “ordered service” and announcing that he will directly “file a law suit and a disciplinary report against Daskalopoulos.”

The Appeals Prosecutor calls for pretrial detention of Olympiakos chairman, just a couple of days after Marinakis won one of the four TV licenses in a marathon bid that ended last Friday. He offered 73.9 million euro for his Alter Ego private TV channel that has yet to be established.

According to TV licenses tender terms & conditions, the four winners will have to undergo audit about the source of the money offered to win the bid. If one of the four winners is found ‘not clear’ then the next bidder who lost during the tender process will be able to secure the TV license.

Vaggelis Marinakis, 49,  is a shipping magnate.

It is up to the Council Appeals in Athens to decide what will happen. The Court is expected to decide within the next days.

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  1. So the ‘new’ TV licenses just replaced the old oligarchs for the new ones, and the new ones are no better? So much for tackling corruption, just passing on the buck!