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Lesvos: Parents put padlock at school entrance to prohibit refugee children from attending classes

Parents of pupils in one of the elementary schools on the island of Lesvos put a padlock on iron door at the school entrance in order to prohibit refugee children attend classes.

The upset parents briefly launched a sit-in protest and made clear to authorities that they will not allow anyone, neither their own children to enter the school premises on Monday, if there is no immediate solution to the problem.


On Friday directors of three elementary schools had announced that 15 refugee children in total would join the classes as of (tomorrow) Monday, with the rate being 5 children per school.

According to authorities, all refugee children have health books. When the  movement “no refugee children in schools”  started in Northern Greece beginning of the month, the opponents’ argument was that the refugee children were not vaccinated and that they would infect the local children.

The parents indicated that they had “no problem of integration of refugee children in the Greek (!) schools of Lesvos, but the procedure leaves unanswered questions”.

Speaking to local media, some parent claimed that the Tsipras government slowly but gradually proceeds to conclude its plan that the 6,000 migrants currently stuck on the island of Lesvos permanently stay there.

Greek schools, migrants? This sounds pretty much as Golden Dawn rhetoric…

PS The parents block their own children from attending school – how brainless and irresponsible is that?

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  1. Giaourti Giaourtaki

    They just want to prevent them from religious child-abuse that makes out of smart kids morons that believe in godfucking lies little children believe in easily – grown ups should ask for god in a madhouse.

  2. Correct me If I am wrong, but how are schools and teachers paid for? In the UK these are paid for through direct taxation, nobody complains (much) as a good education is seen as a right. When the migrants start contributing toward what others are paying for, there will be no problem – nothing is for free – unless you want to pay for my next holiday to Crete?

    • I’m sorry to reveal your fascist ignorance, but the law (the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child) is that all children have the right to education, and their parents a duty to ensure it. The state has a legal obligation to provide school education to all children, including refugees and those whose parents are without legal status.
      You may think it appropriate to treat children like animals, but most of the world does not. It is up to adults to sort out how to finance things — and the UK has done a very bad jobs with that, too. The poor teacher training and underfunding of state schoools means that the standards have never been lower: this is more to do with right wing politics and a money-grubbing mentality (to which you obviously subscribe) than anything else.

    • Giaourti Giaourtaki

      They pay very good in the Green houses, a perfect workout but wait isn’t tourism terrorism destroying peoples culture?