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UPD Chios: Fireworks set Souda hot spot on fire, stones damage cars & shops (videos)

Alleged raging refugees and migrants set the hot spot Souda on the island of Chios on fire, threw fireworks to surrounding houses and damaged cars and shops around the camp.

According to local media, everything started shortly after 11 o’ clock at night, when a group of migrants and refugees broke the window of a shop selling fireworks and stole a large amount of them.

They returned to the camp, where they started to light the fireworks and throw them at neighboring houses with the residents to desperately call for help.

The group continued throwing the fireworks this time inside the camp with the result that several tents were set ablaze. Fire Brigades managed to extinguish most of the fires, however several big tents were destroyed.


Outside the camp, locals started to gather armed with wooden and iron sticks. The migrants threw stones, damaging four vehicles and shops windows.

Despite the presence of riot police, migrants continued to rage. Riot police fired teargas and sound flares and eventually raided the camp arresting unknown number of people. reports that also some volunteers working in the camp were detained.

According to, “the attack was well organized, some of the migrants had also tasers and it is not known how they were supplied with.”

Locals from other neighborhoods had flocked in support of the terrified residents. According to ChiosNews, it was members of Golden Dawn who were calling through their personal accounts in social media on people to go in the area, “and they appeared holding iron sticks. They assaulted refugees-migrants after their arrest and while they were in police vans.”

The situation calmed down around 3 o’ clock in the morning.

video: the day after

According to latest information:

37 migrants and refugees and two NGO workers have been detained.

Two migrant who seemed to have lead the riots have been arrested.

Four migrants have been injured.

One pregnant woman in shock was taken from the hot spot to the hospital.

It looks as if GD supporters threw stones in refugee houses

There is also a second narrative about what happened in Souda hotspot on Wednesday, with NGO members to write that the incidents started by GD members who threw fireworks and stones inside the hot spot.


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One comment

  1. I find it very suspicious that just two days after Kasidiaris and Lagos held their hate speech on Chios  suddenly refugees have set their camp on fire. I know that this has happened in the last few days, but it is a very strange “coincidence”. And what is this nonsense about refugees armed with taser? Sounds like a cover story to me.
    My guess is GD had taken its chance and attacked Souda to prove their point.