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Journos’ strike: Greece’s historical daily TA NEA for first time not at the kiosk

For the first time in its operation, one of Greece’s historical newspapers did not go on print. Journalists, technical and administrative personal at TA NEA launched a 24-hour strike claiming their salaries. the strike was joined also by other workers at the media of Lambrakis Press Group DOL, To Vima, Vima FM and the websites of the group.

The 330 workers at DOL have not being paid for five months, while due is the Christmas bonus as well.

The promise of publisher Stavros Psycharis to pay half of the August salary and the Christmas bonus last Friday did not fulfill.

Apparently the banks have blocked the accounts of DOL, so that 2million euros cannot be released for the workers’ payments.

As the DOL has non-serving debts to the banks, risk is high that the banks will take over the press group as of beginning of the new year.

Newspaper TA NEA began publishing in 1931 under the title Αθηναϊκά Νέα (Athineka Nea, Athens News), with the first issue being released on May 28. It has been Greek’s best-selling newspaper for decades, although the circulation had been affected due to the availability of the internet and the financial crisis.

The morning newspaper of the DOL, To Vima, stopped its daily edition a couple of years ago due to the financial crisis. It is published only on Sunday as To Vima tis Kyriakis.

According to latest information, the DOL workers’ unions might decide to extend their protest into repeated 24-hour strikes.

We have seen this in the past: journalists start to strike after being tired of working on ‘unpaid, voluntarily basis”. After a couple of months the “fun” is over. They walk out for ever.

The same happened with liberal Eleftherotypia in 2013, with MEGA Channel TV in 2016 and several other media before.

The economic crisis forced the banks to stop pouring debts to indebted companies and decreased revenues from advertisement in a small country that had much too many media companies.

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