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Chaos, yelling, threats as 4,000 Greeks flock to Mt Parnassus for skiing (video)

More than six thousand Greeks went to ski center of Mount Parnassus to celebrate the “International Snow Day”. OK, they did not go there due to the ISD but merely to enjoy skiing on a relaxed Sunday. However, the “festivities” ended up in chaos, brawl, swearing, yelling and threats.

While the Greek skiers were standing in exhausting queues to get on the lifts, at some point, someone was hear shouting “Kill him!”

Apparently, some impatient Greek was tired for having to wait up to 90 minutes for a place in the lift, attempted a step forward pushing aside the other impatient Greeks and violated the priority order.

Reason for the anger was the improper operation of the lift and absence of relevant information on the website of the ski center.

Another reason, I head on TV was the Greeks are usual: driving to a snowed mountain without winter tires and chains, with the effect that one vehicle stopped in the middle of the road, ten to twenty with angry passengers inside had to wait until the road was unblocked.

Complaining on social media and local media, the frustrated skiers blamed the management of the center for the inadequate organization.

-the road to ski center was frozen and none had spread salt

-the ticket office was closed and there was no indication about when it would open again or any explanation

-majority of lift were immobilized due to frost.

Despite or unaware of the operational problems the guests kept flocking and formed endless queues with their nerves blank.

Those who managed to get on board of the operating lifts had to experience long delays.

“It was a dramatic situation”

On Monday, Parnassos Ski Center management issued a statement offering a discount of one euro to those who will visit again this year.

According to other local media, cards bought by adults can be refunded.

The manager admitted “there were mistakes under the pressure of” the unexpected huge crowd.

The regional government now wants to take over the management of ski center.

Mount Parnassus is a mountain of limestone in central Greece that towers above Delphi. The slopes of Mount Parnassus are composed of two ski sections.

The Ski Center operates with 16 lifts, two hybrid ski lifts which combine an eight-seater Cabin and a six-seater chair, an eight-seater Cabin, a 4-seater chair lift, a 2-seater chair lift, 6 drag lifts and four baby lifts. The ski center boasts 25 marked ski runs and about 15 ski routes of 36 km (22 mi) total length while the longest run is 4 km (2 mi).

PS Some mean Greeks commented that … I don’t write here what some mean Greeks said….

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  1. Typically Greek: no disciplin, no self-control, no patience and very selfish (and I would like to see all the dirt they left behind). Obviously some people are not affected by the crisis. I wonder where they get the money ?

    • At least 10% of the Greek population has a lot of ‘black’, around 100,000 EUR + in cash.

      • Why do you post made-up statistics that even if true would mean nothing? Try dealing with the statistic that 8 billionaires have as much money as 50% of the world’s population. Now that’s something worth shouting about.

        • its what we call in GR “statistics from Lidl”

        • costa sakellariou

          ‘tropos’ legin’ in gk, a ‘manner of saying’…no accuracy as to detail. it is a north/south thing! the devil is in the detail – not the truth!

    • Giaourti Giaourtaki

      You know, they all live in Germoney since 3 generations and they come here for holidays because they don’t like to finance Habsburg and Bavaria and you can see’em also in summer, as a brave example of solidarity they boycott the German run airports in Greece.

  2. Talk about a frustrating day it sounds like. Hopefully it doesn’t keep other Greeks from visiting on a less stressful day.