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Glyfada Metropolis: “Salt therapy is incompatible with the Orthodox faith”

“Salt Therapy is incompatible with the Orthodox faith and life.” The message is simple and understandable. Salt chambers? Salt crystals? These are dangerous tools that spiritually mislead the Orthodox believers. And they have to reject them without a second thought. This is what is said in a statement issued by the Metropolis of Glyfada, a suburb in south Athens.

The Metropolis of Glyfada is on course of innovation again. After the call to prayer last year with the aim to cancel the visit of the Pope Francis in Lesvos, a new call has been issued. This time against salt therapy.

In a very long press release, the Metropolis of Glyfada urges the faithful to refrain for using salt therapy as well as other alternative treatments as “these treatments are promoted in Greece through occult festivals and websites and have been classified as incompatible with the Orthodox faith and life!”

The statement explains that the ban on salt therapy “does not mean that believers should not put salt in their food.” It is the salt therapy in salt caves that is not compatible with the Greek Orthodox faith.

The salt therapy is one of the alternative “treatments,” which lack scientific justification and has been qualified as incompatible with Orthodox the faith and life in Pan-Orthodox Conferences on sects and para-religion issues.

When we talk about salt therapy, of course, we do not mean the simple use of a blessed product given by God. We do not mean the mere intake of salt in our food, or the use of brine, but the “holistic method, which consists in the body and spirit rejuvenation as its supporters claim. according to their own supporters.

The statement explains it full detail the salt therapy method through “inhalation of salt in a controlled and clean environment,” the alleged “healing vibrations” that help “clean the chakra”, the candle lambs made of salt crystals..

“The salt therapy in the salt caves is usually combined with color therapy, music therapy and meditation. The salt therapy even considered ancillary to meditation and to the services provided in the salt caves one finds also yoga, tai chi, reflexology, reiki, shiatsu etc.,” the statement notes.

Stressing that there is not scientific and clinical research on the benefits of the salt therapy, the statement underlines the dangers of the therapy as stated by Pneumonology and Asthma and Allergies foundations in the USA and Australia.

The statement of the Metropolis of Glyfada concludes:

“Orthodox Christians who wish to maintain their status as Orthodox Christians, are urged to be cautious and to not resort to alternative” therapies “or occult practices and to refrain from idolizing products, methods and facilities.

In times of confusion, intellectual, and economic exploitation, we must be cautious in everything new that is proposed to us.”

KTG understands so much that the salt of the statement lies in the pepper of  occultism and not in the sodium chloride (NaCl) mineral.

Through this statement issued on February 16st 2017, KTG finally understands also why they burned as ‘witch’ every woman offering alternative therapies and medical herb brews in the Middle Ages.

PS Holy chakra! I have a candle lamp made of salt crystals! I have to give it back to the friend who gave it to me as a present, mainly because I liked the color. OMG! I just realize I have two such lamps!

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